Jan-Vincent Nickl has always had an entrepreneurial spark in him. Saving money in school he invested in a steel sailing boat in the Netherlands. After he completed his Bachelor’s degree at the Karls (he majored in IB), he started a marketing company and now during his Masters (at the Karls of course), he is working on sailVenture. His quest for adventure began after his 1.5 years of civil service when he embarked on a year-long adventure sailing to the Caribbean with his school classmate and co-owner of the boat. You can read more about his sailing adventures here:

As serendipity would have it, one of the people he worked with to get more experience on sailing was Joost Martijn who owned two traditional Dutch sailing boats and was looking for an agent in the German market to lease his sailboats and crew. Jan-Vincent saw an opportunity for holding training experiences in these old sail boats. Jan-Vincent, his sister Freya and Aaron Scheid a co-student at Karls after much discussion in 2016, started the concept idea and called it sailVenture.

There were three pilot runs, the first two through Joost and then when Jan-Vincent took his Cultures, Markets and Consumption Master’s class on a trip. In his second semester, the concept further evolved so that he was able to articulate the brand concept in his Brand Strategy course. In his third semester, Jan-Vincent was able to donate the “sailVenture” project to the University as a company project. Two bachelor teams are working on contributing to a campaign based on the refined brand identity developed the previous semester. 

If you want to know more about Jan-Vincent’s sailVenture look at the website and fill the request form at the bottom.


Jan-Vincent Nickl, Alumnus International Business and Master Management

The philosophy of Karls and sailVenture are much alike. Both represent a progressive understanding of strong teams in a fast-paced business environme