Master study program "Management"

Now I’m all set. My first study program is over, and I am ready to take the next step. Maybe I already have a degree in the field of economics. Maybe I already a have a degree in the humanities or social sciences. One thing is certain: Now I want to think at a higher level. And think differently. That’s why I’m pursuing a master’s in “Management” at Karlshochschule.

No “classical” economics studies await me here, but instead a study program where economics and management are explored from a cultural and social sciences perspective. This results in an interesting research field that I can explore and work on with my own projects during my time as a student. What is more, the cultural orientation of the study program will help me later on to act confidently in undecidable situations, reflecting on the ethics of my actions and assuming responsibility.

The key word is transformational competence – that is, the ability to change myself and my environment for the better. However, before I continue, I will take a look at how the study program is structured.

Master's degree program 

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