The sort of University I want is one where an ideal education is also focussed on personal development and social responsibility. A University that wants to astound its student body and help them mature into fully formed, reflective individuals prepared and able to help shape and form our joint futures. And naturally, it is a University that is officially recognised by the state, has achieved top scores in the relevant rankings like CHE and is accredited by the FIBAA with exceptional results across all areas of education. An extract from the accreditation report:

“The assessors were convinced the relationship between students and teachers is characterized by trust and is conducted on equal terms, including all areas of the study program and beyond to include, where requested, the student’s private life. Both students and graduates have described the care and attention of the faculty in superlative terms... For this reason our assessment of this element is ‘excellent’.”

I can imagine this is a University that is constantly striving to improve, yet remains fully grounded, and that the relationship between all members of the faculty and the student body is characterized by both trust and humanity.