The sort of University I want is one where an ideal education is also focussed on personal development and social responsibility. A University that wants to astound its student body and help them mature into fully formed, reflective individuals prepared and able to help shape and form our joint futures. I can imagine this is a University that is constantly striving to improve, yet remains fully grounded, and that the relationship between all members of the faculty and the student body is characterized by both trust and humanity.

All of the degree programs at Karlshochschule are accredited by FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) with top results. Additionally, as of September 2014, all eight Bachelor degree programs carry the FIBAA Premium Seal. As a certification and evaluation agency, FIBAA is both European and international in scope, with internationally formed commissions developing criteria and methods of accreditation, quality assurance and quality development in academic education. From an official press release to mark the award of the Premium Seal to Karlshochschule:

"A total of 60 quality criteria were met, more than half of those were exceeded, and four were even assessed as 'excellent'. That is the sensational result of the accreditation for eight Bachelor degree programs at Karlshochschule International University, Karlsruhe. The re-accreditation of the degree programs 'International Business (B.A.)', 'Intercultural Management and Communication (B.A.)', 'International Marketing Management (B.A.)', 'International Energy Management (B.A.)', 'International Event Management (B.A.)', 'Arts and Cultural Management (B.A.)', 'International Tourism Management (B.A.)' and 'International Media Management (B.A.)' at Karlshochschule confirms the high quality of the courses of studies and clearly demonstrates the positive developments that have taken place since the initial accreditation five years ago. The assessors praised the university for their serious consideration of suggestions made during the initial accreditation and the successful measures developed to implement them."

Furthermore, Karlshochschule International University occupies top places in relevant rankings – such as the CHE. The CHE higher education ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking countries. Each year, one third of the subjects are evaluated anew. As well as facts on the courses of studies, teaching and facilities, the ranking also includes judgements from students relating to the conditions for studying at their institution.