I’m looking for a university that is pursuing an educational ideal in which people, along with their personal growth and social responsibility, are front and center. This university wants to amaze its students and help them grow into contemplative individuals who help shape our future as thinkers and doers.

Naturally, it has also received official recognition, has top scores in relevant rankings – such as CHE – and has been accredited by the FIBAA with excellent results in all areas. One example from the accreditation process:

“(T)he assessors came away convinced that an exchange takes place between students and teachers that is characterized by trust and pursued on equal terms, including all areas of the study program and, what is more, student issues and even – if desired by the student – private life as well. Students and graduates have described the mentoring by teaching staff in superlative terms … The evaluation with regard to this characteristic is therefore ‘excellent.’”

I envision that this university is constantly working to improve itself and has remained on solid ground, and that the exchange between professors, researchers, employees, and students is characterized by trust and humaneness.