Am 15. Februar war Prof. Dr. Jansen bei Deutschlandfunk Kultur zu Gast. In der Sendung „Im Gespräch“ sprach er über das Thema „Zwischen Goethe und...

Die digitalen Botschaften der Karlshochschule haben eine weitere Dependance. Ab sofort steht das Botschafter-Duo Celinne de Paula und João Beber mit...

Ab dem Sommersemester 2020 starten zwei neue Studienangebote an der Karls: Das Karls Semester als Einstieg in das Bachelorstudium und das...


Für Alex ist das Studium an der Karls eine Bühne für Ideen und Geschichten. Du möchtest deine eigene Geschichte erzählen?

Lydia hat eine konkrete Vorstellung von einer besseren Welt und engagiert sich, damit sie eines Tages Wirklichkeit wird. Was ist deine Mission?

Jede Bewegung nimmt irgendwo ihren Anfang. Pareesha berichtet, wie sich die Dinge in ihrer Heimat Malaysia verändern. Was bewegt dich?


Hardi hilft dir als Botschafterin bei den ersten Schritten aus Indien an die Karls.

Derek hilft dir als Botschafter bei den ersten Schritten aus den USA an die Karls.

Nhung hilft dir als Botschafterin bei den ersten Schritten aus Vietnam an die Karls.

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The starter kits are packed - we are very much looking forward to our new master students 🤩 #letsmakeadifference...
#KarlsBlog ✍ “Big family gatherings, beautiful fireworks, amazing food… this is how people usually picture the Chinese New...
#KarlsAmbassadorsBrazil 🇧🇷 “The differences between Brazil and Germany? How everyone respects traffic lights and signs is...

Stimmen aus der Karls

Aakash - Intercultural Management & Communication
Everything here is so international and it's like you can experience the whole world.
Prof. Dr. Dr. Björn Bohnenkamp
Great place to teach, great place to think, great place to discuss the future of our society.
Cornelius - Intercultural Management & Communication
I believe that culture has become an integral part of today's economy. Through my studies I was able to develop personally and professionally.
Elena - Master Management
This program provides a unique opportunity to refresh my knowledge and get familiar with the Karls early on. The positive experiences I've made in the PreMaster confirm my decision to do my Master's here 100%!
Nico - International Media Management
In today's digitized world we are incredibly sensitive to media content and the media makers and managers need an international perspective on the subject.
Paul - Politics, Philosophy & Economics
What are the interests of politics? What motives the economy? And how can human thought and action be explained? I've always been interested in questions like that.
Nur - Arts & Cultural Management
Cosy, familiar, creative, productive and practice-oriented - that is my everyday university life.
Svenja - International Relations
When I first thought of International Relations, I used to think of a very theoretical approach. But here at Karls that is not the only thing we do. The focus lies on team work and critical thinking, learning by doing and questioning everything in the process.
Amelie - International Tourism Management
The tourism industry is very interesting and offers many different perspectives. The International Tourism Management course is a good mix of theory and practice, which allows you to learn a great deal on both a professional and personal level.
Kai - Master Management
People always say that rethinking management is nothing but a myth; a fake claim without substance. For this Master's that is not true. I am seriously rethinking everything!
Oliver - International Marketing Management
Coming from a multicultural background, I find studying, thinking and creating in an environment as diverse as Karlshochschule to be a real blessing. I've never been one to fall when I can jump and at a place like the Karls you certainly learn how to jump high.
Friedemann Bauknecht
I believe that at Karlshochschule I got to understand what role management plays in the cultural field and how tremendous it is in enabling artistic performance.