Are you feeling invisible in meetings?
When getting heard, do you experience your views less worthy than those of the others?
Are you kept in dark and excluded from the decision-making?
Do you hear sexist, racist or homophobic remarks?
Do inappropriate jokes or images pass around your study environment?
Are you being sexually harassed?
Do you feel unsafe sharing with your partner or family — just to hear you're acting ‘wrong' and ‘crazy’?
Is your partner shutting you out or controlling you?

People in your studying, working or private life may try to limit your participation and contribution. Some are aware that they are doing it, others not. While it is hard for us to change other people's destructive behaviour, we can learn to recognise the patterns and find healthy ways to deal with them. 

This is exactly what we’ll do in this workshop. 
We learn to verbalise the experiences many people can relate to. We share our thoughts on them in a caring setting. By realising that it is not only you and about you, you can maintain your confidence and stop wasting time on trying to “fit in”. You can re-learn to trust your voice, and support others to get strong and visible.  

The workshop will take place at Karlshochschule and is led by Prof. Dr. Ella Roininen

Date: Tuesday, 10. December
Time: 19:00- ca. 21:00

Room: 215

Prof. Dr. Ella Roininen has global experience teaching inclusion and empowerment. She holds a Doctorate in Organisational Psychology from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and studied also in London, Madrid, Paris, Rotterdam and Scandinavia. She has taught at Karlshochschule for several years now. Her earlier professional experience includes academia, corporate management and training, publishing and communications, event management, banking, retail, aviation, travel and hospitality, and health care. Ella aspires to raise consciousness towards such social and cultural norms that limit our possibilities to enjoy our talents and the opportunities we get. She wants to show how we can empower ourselves and others, regardless of who and where we are. 

You are cordially invited. We would love it, if you register in advance with Ella: eroininen(at) (English/Deutsch) 

Note: Abuse happens to and by any gender, age, ethnicity, religion, class and sexual orientation, and in different close relationships, whether at work, in a friendship, family or intimate relationship. Emotional and physical abuse violate your right for safety and security.