Thirsty Thursday

·         What for? Are you thirsty for information about what is going on within our university? 

Thirsty Thursday is an open platform where students can raise questions or concerns and get answers directly from the President.

Alongside this, it is also a chance every month for the whole university to gather, chit-chat and have fun with free lunch together J

  ·         When? Thirsty Thursday will happen on the last Thursday every month.
  ·         Where? KarlsCafe, 3rd Floor.
  ·         The next Thirsty Thursday will be: 27th June, 2019 – 2PM – 3PM with Michael

*You can raise any questions directly at the event or alternatively, you can send us questions beforehand. If you wish to do this, please just reply to tis mail or send them to: communication(at) . We will also set up a box at KarlsCafé for you to hand in your questions anonymously.


We look forward to seeing you all at our Thirsty Thursday!