Workshop: #Metoo

The #Metoo hashtag went viral last year, and since then the way we perceive the right to physical integrity—and the possibly to report sexual harassment and abuse—has changed tremendously. Like a wave, the extent of sexual harassment all over the world and in all classes of people became clear.

How many times has it happened to you? How many times did you experience inconvenient and unwanted “moves”? How many times have you shared such experiences with your friends?

As a matter of fact, it is nearly impossible to count those experiences. They are surrounding us all over, in differently mutating forms. Sometimes it’s a physical, sometimes a verbal advance. Sometimes just a look or gesture that gives one that creepy feeling. The feeling of somehow having to control oneself, that one cannot really be their free self in the situation. Sometimes one may even fear for their safety and panic to get out of the place.  

In the #Metoo event, we are are gathering not only to talk about these experiences, but also to learn and share on how to deal with them in a constructive manner. That is, handle the experiences of harassment so that they cause minimal disruption to our personal freedom and sense of security.

In the workshop, we hear Prof. Ella’s views on how to bring ourselves to the eye level with the harasser, and learn to use the right tools to combat harassment. Everyone, women, men and non-binary people are welcome! Bring your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend and parents along!

Besides food for thought in form of fruitful discussion, we offer food for your senses in form of art.

The #Metoo event takes place on 12. November at 19:00, room 215 at Karlshochschule.