Introduction to International Relations bei Dr. Anthony Teitler (in englischer Sprache)

  • Theory and the Study of International Relations 
  • Idealism, Liberalism and Global World Order
  • Classical Realism – War and the use of Force
  • Neorealism – Explaining Superpower Dominance
  • The English School and International Society
  • Marxism and Critical Theory – The Global Economy
  • Gender, Feminism(s) and Masculinities in the study of International Relations
  • Green Approaches
  • Poststructuralism and Postmodernism 
  • Constructivism 
  • Cosmopolitanism

Global Economy bei Prof. Dr. André Reichel (in englischer Sprache)

As a critical introduction to the many backgrounds of globalization, this module will provide me with key insights about our global economy and its implications for business, politics and society. Among others I will investigate the following topics:

  • History and theories of globalization
  • Classics of economic theory: Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Karl Marx
  • Globalization as innovation: Joseph Schumpeter
  • John Maynard Keynes and Bretton Woods: global gconomic institutions
  • International actors: governments, inter-governmental and supra-national bodies, multinationals
  • Globalization and ecology
  • Postcolonial perspectives
  • Globalization at the crossroads: "Clash of Cultures" or global cooperation

Cultural Studies bei Prof. Dr. Javier Montiel (in englischer Sprache)

  • Variations of the Concept of Cultures
  • Cultural Theory and its disciplines
  • General concept of Culture and Communication
  • Critical reflection of the own cultural history
  • Cultural description and analysis

Area Studies bei Prof. Dr. Javier Montiel (in englischer Sprache)

  • Global dynamics (politics, society and population, economics, ethics, etc.) and their crystallization in local processes
  • The main features of integrated civilization and culture
  • Demography and regional stereotypes
  • Socio-economic society structures
  • Current economy and politics
  • Composition and dynamics of the market and its media
  • Case studies on representative companies
  • International aspects of business activities in the host country, as well as market and demand requirements, in particular as regards exchanges between the host and home country