Master‘s degree program in Management

For everyone who wants to develop their career and themselves. For thinkers and movers - like you. Let's make the difference!

Specialization areas:

· Brand
· Creativity & Innovation
· Cultural Change & Society
· Human Resources & Diversity
· New Media
· Sustainability

Karlshochschule  – or as we say: The Karls

· Master of Arts in 4 semesters
· State-approved and system-accredited by FIBAA
· Degree programs in English
· International and multicultural atmosphere
· Small study groups and interactive instruction
· Individual supervision by professors
· Focus on personal growth

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Master‘s degree program at the Karls

Why Karls?

Whatever you consider to be the 'reality' of the economy today, whatever meaning you take away from that, it is always influenced by external and internal factors. Sometimes these factors run in-parallel to each other and sometimes they are contradicting. When it comes to breathing life into your considerations however, every action and every interaction is performed. How that performance goes and what it creates depends on social and cultural context(s); that is, on a personal and an institutional level. 

In contrast to the prevailing concept of 'man-as-machine' in management studies, you need to understand what makes people tick, how they shape and are shaped by culture, and how society as a whole progresses in order to be successful at what you do. Young professionals like you need to be qualified for management and leadership functions in business – but beyond that, in society. From this you are able to understand, accompany and actively design social and cultural change in any management position you would like to obtain. 

This is what we provide in this Master's degree Management.

Now, why choose between being a generalist or a specialist? In the Master Management you can become both. The common basis for all students is the modules in General Management and Personal Skills. You add to that an individual selection of two out of these six areas of Specialization: 


A brand has, at the very least, two sides to it: It's an economic power, but it's also and predominantly a social key phenomenon. Hence, we will take a critical look at consumer culture, at state-of-the-art discourses on brands and how to manage them, and develop strategies and architectures for them. At the end of the day, brand leadership is not as a trivial thing of cause and effect. It is the art of navigating between stakeholders.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are a bit like a bagel and cream cheese: One doesn't really go without the other. However, you will see that it is a lot more complex than that. To foster innovation you must learn to challenge and channel your creativity without suffocating it. We will work together to master this issue and to incorporate the fuzziness into your performance.

Cultural Change & Society

People are not machines. No matter how much "classical" management studies try to convince you otherwise. You can only become a successful manager when you truly understand people, how they shape and are shaped by culture, and how society as a whole progresses. So you will learn to care for and relate to the life-worlds of people in order to accompany and actively design change.

Human Resources & Diversity

Diversity, difference, multiple identities, mutual understanding, but also conflict and negotiation are not exceptions but the basic materials our world is made of. What is new is their visibility as well as the growing interdependence between the actors of this multi-coloured world. You know that the best opportunity to strengthen organizations, society and culture is to moderate diversity. That's exactly what you will be doing here. You will learn how discourses about identity can generate recognition or discrimination. You will develop future-oriented solutions for ethically dealing with diversity and at the same time benefitting from their synergy. On this basis, you will develop a diversity-based approach to leadership that is able to actively accompany this change in organizations and society.

New Media

Most people exist in at least two spaces: a physical and a virtual one. Although linked, the two appear to follow very different logics and dynamics at times. That can be just as frightening as productive and innovative. You will examine digital network cultures, learn to decode what is going on there and develop strategies for communication and staging in and beyond Web 2.0.


Sustainability goes far beyond "green" lifestyles or short-lived hypes. It encloses ecology, social and cultural values, geographies, architectures, technology and politics. In economy, product and service innovations have sprung up like mushrooms. Exploitation, fake promises and foul play included. You will learn to critically reflect, relate and manage these new developments with empathy and responsibility.

The Concept

The Structure

Personality is key!


People always say that rethinking management is nothing but a myth; a fake claim without substance. For this Master's that is not true. I am seriously rethinking everything!


This program provides a unique opportunity to refresh my knowledge and get familiar with the Karls early on. The positive experiences I've made in the PreMaster confirm my decision to do my Master's here 100 %!