DAAD Preis 2022 an Serine Enstad

DAAD Prize for Serine Enstad

International students enrich the Karlshochschule on a cultural as well as on an academic level. In recognition of this, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides funding for a prize for outstanding international students on a yearly basis. This year Serine Enstad (Politics, Philosophy & Economics) was awarded with the prize. Serine is originally from Norway and receives the DAAD prize 2021 for very good academic results and outstanding commitment in coping with learning disabilities.

Prof. Ella Roininen, who submitted the nomination, emphasizes the importance of Serine engagement:

“Since the first year of her studies, Serine has been instrumental in helping us to understand neurodiversity at Karls, and help us to offer support for students with learning disabilities. In fact, we were not really aware or at least not addressing the topic before she joined the university, and started educating Karls at all levels—helping us to learn how to adapt examinations, presenting the topic and teaching methods in an outstanding manner to the professors and lecturers, and going form classroom to classroom to educate the students and motivate them to seek help when needed. Serine and her initiative with the other participating students has become instrumental to our wok in this area, and several times I've referred people to her—Serine immediately reacting with an open ear and heart. Serine definitely has made a chance at Karls. I think I can say this confidently on behalf of many colleagues and students. With her intelligence and critical thinking I am confident that she will leave a mark to many other work places to come! “

The DAAD prize (1.000 €) is awarded in the introduction week each September at Karlshochschule.