The initiative

Hakuna Matata is an empowerment initiative where students empower fellow students through Ubuntu philosophy.


Background philosophy

The initiative is focused on the two core African philosophical values of Ubuntu and Hakuna Matata.

Ubuntu is the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all of humanity. We live in an interconnected and hyperglobalized world. We are all a big community and "I am because we are". With ubuntu we want to grow a sense of brother- and sisterhood as well as intrinsic collaboration and responsibility towards the greater whole.

Hakuna Matata is a Swahili word shared by East African countries which simply means no worries, no problem.


The intentions

The idea of this initiative is to

  1. create awareness around ethnocentrism and encourage people to look past their own / expand their world view.
  2. build a bridge that makes new incoming students feel comfortable in their new environment.
  3. inspire international incoming students on how to build confidence when challenges arise.
  4. have constructive debates on topics of interest to students with guidance from guest professors.



We want to help build a community and a safe space where students can achieve their best version of themselves.