Adjunct Professor

Lehrtätigkeit an der Karlshochschule seit

  • 2014

Schwerpunkt Lehrtätigkeit

  • Aesthetics of everyday and organizational life


  • Theater/music industry – General manager/Tour manager

  • Academic consultant at various S/M/L enterprises

Akademische Ausbildung

  • PhD in Strategic Decision-making in the Popular Theater

  • Master in 20th century Fine Art

  • Bachelor in Business Studies


  • Aesthetics, Phenomenology, Theater studies, Organization Transformation and Development, Management Learning


  • Vickery, J. and King, I. (2013): Experiencing Organizations: New Aesthetic perspectives. Faringdon, Oxfordshire/UK: Libri.
  • King, I. (2013): De-familiarizing organizational fashioning of the body. In: Styhre, A. (Ed.): Scandinavian Journal of Management, 29, 4. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 394-401.
  • King, I. (2010): How We Know What We Know: The Potentiality of Art and Aesthetics. In: Barry, D. and Hansen, H. (Eds.): The SAGE Handbook of New Approaches in Management and Organization. Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, Singapore: SAGE Publications Ltd, 42-49.
  • Belova, O., Sliwa, M. and King, I. (2008): Polyphony and Organization Studies Mikhael Bakhtin and Beyond. In: Courpasson, D. (Ed.): Organization Studies 29, 4. Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, Singapore: SAGE Publications Ltd, 493-500.

Weitere Angaben

  • presently Professor of Aesthetics and Management at the University of the Arts, London/UK