An der Hochschule seit

  • 01. September 2012

Aktuelle Lehrveranstaltungen

  • Anthropology
  • Critical Perspectives on Tourism
  • Tourism Geographies

Forschungsinteressen und -felder

  • Contemporary theories in tourism mobilities
  • Tourism as everyday practice
  • Performance and spatial theories
  • Tourism geographies, embodiment and intimacies
  • Interdisciplinary approaches in visual and reflexive methodologies

Akademische Aus- und Weiterbildung

  • PhD Tourism Studies, Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Leeds Metropolitan University/UK
  • MA Social Sciences in Anthropology, Universiteit van Amsterdam/the Netherlands
  • BA Communication Studies and Leisure, Tourism and Society Studies, University of Calgary/Canada

Lehr- und Forschungsprojekte

  • Emerald Forest Online Business Simulation (seit 2013)
  • ERASMUS PLUS Partner Acquisition Trip, Juli 2016, mit der Università degli Studi di Bergamo/Italien
  • ERASMUS PLUS: Emerald Forest Hotel Business Simulation (coach), März 2015, mit der Tallinna Tehnikaülikool/Estland
  • ERASMUS Mobilities Program STA 2014 Bournemouth University/UK
  • ERASMUS Teaching Mobility IP, Vidzemes 2013 Augstkola/Lettland
  • ERASMUS Mobilities Program STA 2013, Universidade de Coruña/Spanien
  • Bisa Research Grant 2011-2012, Keimyung University/Südkorea
  • Lee Kong Chian Research Fellowship 2008-2009, National Library/Singapur


  • Assistant Professor of Sociology, College of Social Sciences, Keimyung University/South Korea
  • Lecturer, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Ngee Ann Polytechnic/Singapore
  • Curriculum Writer and Teacher Trainer, The Ark Learning Centre/Singapore

Weitere Angaben

  • Andre Jordan Best Paper Award, 3rd (2013) by Advances in Tourism Marketing Conference/Portugal.
  • Jon Rieger Award in Visual Sociology (2012) by International Visual Sociology Association
  • Young Leisure Scholar Award (2011) by International Sociological Association
  • Best Paper Award (2009) by International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research
  • Most Remarkable Theses written in ISHSS History: 1997-2008 by International School for Humanities and Social Science, Universiteit van Amsterdam/the Netherlands
  • Academic Award in Teaching 2004/2005, Ngee Ann Polytechnic/Singapore
  • Roy Fleshman Award (1996) by University of Calgary/Canada


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