Karls-Student Christine as Testimonial for DAAD


In the winter semester 2019/20, the DAAD is accompanying the Karls student Christine Talens (Master's student in Management, HR & Creativity) as part of the DAAD project "Study in Germany - Land of Ideas". The project promotes Germany as a place to study and supports foreign students studying in Germany, such as Christine. 

“One of my biggest worries coming to Germany was “How do I finance my studies”. Thankfully, I found out there are a lot of scholarships by organizations - including the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, English: The German Academic Exchange Service). They have supported me with 3- to 6-month scholarships during my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. This is why when I saw a Facebook ad saying that they were looking for international students to show life in Germany, I was happy to help out! ???? After they saw some of our vlogs from Karlshochschule (#karlsvlogs), they were also excited to collaborate. In your student life in Germany, and in Karlshochschule, you will see this philosophy come up often: “collaboration, not competition. Collaboration is key to making a difference in the world." 

For more information on scholarships, support services offered by the DAAD, and a glimpse of life as an international students in Germany, you can subscribe to the “DAAD Study in Germany” channel. Stay tuned for the next KarlsVlog of Christine. Her topic will be “How do I finance my studies?”

Watch the first epsiode: "The Perfect Spot to Study".


Für Alex ist das Studium an der Karls eine Bühne für Ideen und Geschichten. Du möchtest deine eigene Geschichte erzählen?

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Tom ist unser Botschafter für Großbritannien. Er hilft dir bei den ersten Schritten aus dem Vereinigten Königreich an die Karls.

Nhung ist unsere Botschafterin für Vietnam. Sie hilft dir bei den ersten Schritten von Asien an die Karls.

Diego ist unser Botschafter für Kolumbien. Er hilft dir bei den ersten Schritten von Südamerika an die Karls.

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