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For the winter semester 2019/20 there are still places available in the following programmes:

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International Business (B.A.): Marketing

Behind every great brand, there’s a group of people who make it. Welcome to the Marketing programme. This is where we create entirely new connections between people, brands and the unimagined possibilities that are still lying dormant in our minds.

It’s a specialised programme for those who 

  • • want to impact people
  • • are good storytellers
  • • want to realise the potential of their creativity
  • • want to mediate between companies, agencies and customers
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International Business (B.A.): Responsible Business

What would it be like if the economy was about more than just financial growth?  Welcome to the Responsible Business programme. This is where we join forces to work toward an economic vision in which profit and responsibility, one’s career and personality development, as well as performance and sustainability go hand in hand. 

It’s the specialized programme for those who

  • • want to do more than just forge a career
  • • want to assume social responsibility
  • • question the market and its mechanisms

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International Business (B.A.): Intercultural Management

What is intercultural management, and why is it so important? In this programme you will not only become familiar with the many answers to these questions – you’ll also learn to confidently navigate the international stage and contribute to a world without prejudices.

It’s a specialised programme for those who

  • • like to surround themselves with other cultures
  • • want to connect people
  • • want to work in an international environment

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Management (B.A.): Arts and Entertainment

In the specialization Arts and Entertainment we are concerned with uniting the supposed contrasts between high culture and entertainment. So much for theory. And now to practice: Let's question the world of art, music and film together and equip it with fresh ideas and impulses. Let's go!

It’s a specialised programme for those who

  • • want to help shape our cultural landscape
  • • want to set new accents in film, music or art  
  • • are interested in the tension between business and culture


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Management (B.A.): Media Communication

In Media Communication, we feel the pulse of time.  We use the latest approaches in communications research and current technologies to translate our messages into innovative formats. Studying really can be this entertaining, clever, creative and inspiring!

It’s a specialised programme for those who

  • • believe in the power of good stories
  • • think both strategically and creatively
  • • want to use the latest technologies

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Management (B.A.): Marketing

What is the secret to a successful brand? What do the people out there want and how can we as managers ensure that our brand grows? In this focus you learn to understand marketing as an art that can connect people and brands and unleash something great. 


The specialised programme for all those who 

  • are interested in people and their motivations  
  • love communication  
  • like to come up with new business ideas
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