A better tomorrow is possible: Management (B. A.)

Would you like a degree in line with your values, which helps you assume responsability for a better future? If so, the Bachelor of Management with the possible specializations of Marketing, Media Communication, Arts & Entertainment, or Event could be right for you.

The features of the Karls: 01. Personalized focal point 02. Focus on practical experience + Company projects 03. Language courses + Study abroad semester 04. Friendly atmosphere + Friendly professors 05. Small class size + Interactive lectures 06. Personal development

Karlshochschule has an aim to “Rethink Management and Society” - and that implies, of course, that the topic of sustainability is of special significance for our Uni. One of the main factors in trying to make Karls a greener, fairer and more diverse place is the student initiative Karlstainable

I joined the initiative in my first semester at Karls and now, one and a half years later, I couldn’t be happier to be a part of such a motivated, creative and colorful team!

The aim of our work is twofold: On the one hand, we explore, promote and support a more sustainable lifestyle in- and outside of Karls by means of different events (such as our yearly sustainable Christmas market - with Glühwein and waffles of course ;-) ). On the other hand we tightly cooperate with the university administration in our constant search for ways to make the Karls itself more sustainable.

This means that we are pursuing changes in the university’s infrastructure. Our latest achievement in this regard are the trash cans that you can see in every room of Karlshochschule: Thanks to our “waste management” project group Karlshochschule now enjoys the full package of exemplary waste separation - new bins and user’s instructions included. But of course we already have new projects in mind: In the next semester we want to support Karls in finding the greenest and fairest provider available for the management of both its energy and finances. 

These are small steps on our way to a university in which sustainability is not only deeply rooted in the everyday practices of its members, but also institutionally established. But for me, each of these steps means more than supporting the environment: It means helping my university to become a more vivid place, learning a lot and having a lot of fun with those who want to do the same.

About Nele Menkel

Nele is studying International Relations in the fourth semester. In her studies she tries to understand how the big global picture is shaped by many small actions that people take every day. As a member of the student initiative Karlstainable, she applies that knowledge and fosters sustainability with other students on many different levels.

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Coming from a multicultural background, I find studying, thinking and creating in an environment as diverse as Karlshochschule to be a real blessing. I've never been one to fall when I can jump and at a place like the Karls you certainly learn how to jump high.


Everything here is so international and it's like you can experience the whole world.

Cornelius - Intercultural Management & Communication

I believe that culture has become an integral part of today's economy. Through my studies I was able to develop personally and professionally.


In today's digitized world we are incredibly sensitive to media content and the media makers and managers need an international perspective on the subject.


What are the interests of politics? What motives the economy? And how can human thought and action be explained? I've always been interested in questions like that.


When I first thought of International Relations, I used to think of a very theoretical approach. But here at Karls that is not the only thing we do. The focus lies on team work and critical thinking, learning by doing and questioning everything in the process.


Cosy, familiar, creative, productive and practice-oriented - that is my everyday university life.

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