Admission Process – Step by Step

It is important to us that our applicants are the right ones for the Karls, but also that the Karls is the right university for our applicants. That is why we want to get to know you during the admission process. Your talents, interests and experiences will be decisive in securing you admission to our university.

Your path to Karlshochschule starts with your online application. Your school grades are not the only aspect we care about. Instead your motivation and your experiences interest us: What has shaped your personality in the past? What are your interests, what are your skills? Why do you want to study at the Karls in this program?

We review your application in great detail. If our evaluation is positive, we will invite you to an admission interview via Skype which also offer you the chance to get to know better the university, our professors and our style of teaching and working together. For the interview we charge a fee of € 50 which will be reimbursed once you start your studies at Karlshochschule.

If you are interested in an exchange semester at Karlshochschule, please see the information vor exchange students and visiting students by our International Office.

Checklist - your application

  • Online Application for admission
  • Copy of your school leaving certificate containing a transcript of grades
    You will need to have a qualification for university entrance that allows you to study in Germany. You can find out which educational certificates obtained outside of Germany make you eligible for admission to higher education in Germany on the website of the DAAD  or for certain countries in our information sheets linked in the sidebar.
  • If applicable, a copy of your university transcript of records
    If you have already studied at another university, please submit a current transcript of records.
  • If applicable, certificate of preparatory/foundation year for foreigners (Studienkolleg)
  • Letter of motivation (1-2 pages)
  • Curriculum vitae
    If you have not written a resume/CV so far, you can use the Europass as a template.
  • Proof of English and/or German language proficiency (respective to the study program)
  • Additional certificates (e.g. internships, extra-curricular activities) Certificates documenting vocational training, internships, international experience, extra-curricular commitment at school or in charitable/non-profit
  • Passport-sized photograph

What’s next?

If your application fulfils all requirements, we will invite you to an admission interview via Skype. This open discussion between you and one of our professors and one member of the admissions team gives you the opportunity to get to know the Karls more intimately: the university, its professors, staff, and students, as well as our style of teaching and working together. We want to clarify questions such as how motivated and suitable you are for the desired course, or what strengths and weaknesses you have. Based on your written application, the interview gives you the chance to shine and to show us your full potential.

After the interview, the admissions committee will discuss and decide if you are accepted to study at Karlshochschule. You will be informed about our decision on the same day as the interview and we will also give you personal feedback about the interview.

In case of a positive response you have 7 days to accept your university place, it is booked exclusively for you during this period. During this week you can review all the information and all your impressions of our University and so you will be able to take a well-considered decision. You can also make your decision to study at Karlshochschule at a later date and will be offered a place (depending on availability).

After admission, we will also get in touch with you regarding the visa process and how we might be able to support you during the process.

Lateral entrant - transfer credits

You want to transfer credit from your previous university studies to a Bachelor program at Karlshochschule? We offer the option to start in a higher semester of our programs if you have already studied the same program at another university. Our examination office will review your previous exams and educational credits to assess whether you meet the criteria to transfer to a higher semester.

Are you interested? Send us your application for a laterla entrant through our online application from and include the following documents in addition to the general application documents:

  •  all transcripts of your previous university studies including grades and credits/hours of the university courses (e.g. "transcript of records"),
  • all module descriptions for your finished modules of your previous study program (usually you can find them on the website of your current university).

If you have any questions about transferring credits as a lateral entrant, please get in touch with our Admission Service.