What is the magic of successful brands?
What is the secret to a successful brand? What do the people out there want and how can we as managers ensure that our brand grows? In this focus we learn to understand marketing as an art that can connect people and brands and unleash something great. 

Specialisation Marketing

Do you want to understand why people camp for days in front of the shops for the latest smartphone? Or why they spend 4 times as much on a pack of tissues just because it's from a certain brand? 

Our marketing focus is built upon applied psychology: Why do we want what we want? What motives drive us? What makes a brand human and how does it manage to spark emotions in us? You may notice it already: at Karls we define marketing further. Of course, it's also about advertising. You will learn to design and implement successful marketing strategies. You will deal with target groups, unique selling proposals and touchpoints - in short: you would get everything a "classic" marketing course offers. Beyond that we will also take the "bird's eye view" again and again: Which products have a future? Which ideas touch and why? How can we build long-term and sustainable relationships between brands and people?

During your studies you can look forward to many exciting projects and cooperation, with companies such as DM, Vodafone or Interbrand. In addition, interesting guest lectures are held again and again, e.g. by big data agencies or international hidden champions from the region.

The specialization for all those who 

  • are interested in people and their motivations  
  • love communication  
  • like to come up with new business ideas 

The marketing focus is part of something bigger: management studies. 

What makes the Management Program so special? It is you! You design the course yourself: By choosing 2 main areas you give your management bachelor a very personal direction. Currently you have chosen Marketing as your first focus. It's best to check right away which second focus suits you best.  

Excellent and appreciated