You think about doing your Bachelor's or Master's degree at Karlshochschule International University, but still have some questions? Or are you interested in our International Foundation Year or the Karls Semester? Please do not hesitate and get in touch with Franziska and her team. We will take care of you personally and make it as easy as possible for you to start at Karls. Would you like to know which program is right for you, what possibilities there are to finance your studies or how exactly the application works? Whatever you have on your mind, together we will find the best solution for you!

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Our Study Opportunities

International Business (B.A.): Marketing

Behind every big brand there are people who make it great. Welcome to the marketing focus. Here we create completely new connections between people, brands and the undreamt-of possibilities that are still slumbering in our heads.

The specialization for all those who  

  • • to move emotion and minds
  • • be able to tell good stories  
  • • to apply their creativity  
  • • want to mediate between customers, agencies and consumers   


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International Business (B.A.): Responsible Business

What would it be like if the economy was about more than just financial growth?Welcome to the Responsible Business section. Here we work together on an economic vision in which profit and responsibility, career and personality development, performance and sustainability go hand in hand. 

The specialization for all those who 

  • • want to do more than just make a career
  • • want to assume social responsibility
  • • want to question the market and its mechanisms 


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International Business (B.A.): Intercultural Management

What is intercultural management and why is intercultural management so important? In this focus you will not only get to know the manifold answers to these questions, you will also learn to operate safely on the international stage and to contribute to a world without prejudices.  

The specialization for all those who 

  • • would like to move and be a part of other cultures 
  • • want to connect people with each other 
  • • would like to work in an international environment 


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Management (B.A.): Marketing

What is the magic of successful brands? What is the secret to a successful brand? What do the people out there want and how can we as managers ensure that our brand grows? In this focus we learn to understand marketing as an art that can connect people and brands and unleash something great. 

The specialization for all those who

  • • are interested in people and their motivations  
  • • love communication  
  • • like to come up with new business ideas  


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Management (B.A.): Event

Management means action. Management means action. With your event specialization, this aspect is emphasized even more. Here you learn how to embed concrete events, e.g. concerts or festivals, into a strategy, how to plan them and how to implement them in such a way that they become an unforgettable experience.

The specialization for all those who 

  • • like to organize  
  • • want to gain a lot of practical experience  
  • • want to create special moments   


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Management (B.A.): Arts and Entertainment

In the specialization Arts and Entertainment we are concerned with uniting the supposed contrasts between high culture and entertainment. So much for theory. And now to practice: Let's question the world of art, music and film together and equip it with fresh ideas and impulses. Let's go!

The specialization for all those who 

  • • are interested in people and their motivations  
  • • love communication  
  • • like to come up with new business ideas


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Management (B.A.): Media Communication

In Media Communication we feel the pulse of time. We use the latest approaches in communication research and current technologies to translate our messages into innovative formats. Studying can be so entertaining, clever, creative and inspiring!

The specialization for all those who

  • • believe in the power of good stories  
  • • think strategically and creatively at the same time 
  • • want to use the latest technology 


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International Relations (B.A.)

What is it that separates us? What connects us? And how can our differences help us all to pull in the same direction? In the International Relations course of study, these are the questions that move us. At Karlshochschule, we can test out the answers which we develop every day – in our exchanges with fellow students and with professors from all around the world. And in lots of exciting projects.

The specialization for all those who

  • • want to connect cultures  
  • • see themselves as citizens of the world   
  • • want to work in an international environment


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Politics, Philosophy and Economics (B.A.)

What if we tore down the separations between politics, philosophy and economics and entirely rethought the way in which we live together? In the Politics, Philosophy & Economics course of study, we explore the thinkable and the doable and test our ideas again and again in real projects.  

The specialization for all those who

  • • understand the rules of the game, and want to change them
  • • see the economy as more than just a numbers game
  • • want to combine pure thought and practical reasoning


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Citizenship and Civic Engagement (B.A.)

What would it be like if we really could save the world? If we realised that we, as individuals, are in a position to make a difference? If we could give our interactions with others meaning again? Citizenship & Civic Engagement is about precisely these things.

The specialization for all those who

  • • wish to inspire others through good deeds  
  • • finally want to unleash their ideals 
  • • who are already using their commitment to make a difference 


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Globalization, Governance and Law (B.A.)

What is justice? And how can this word be defined so that it can be understood by everyone? What can the average German manual worker believe in just as much as a farming family in Laos? What cultural factors need to be taken into account when it comes to the “question of rights”? The Globalization, Governance and Law course of study sets us the ambitious task of questioning and reformulating the rules of our co-existence.

The specialization for all those who

  • • think in terms of the bigger context  
  • • want to fight for social justice 
  • • think that a standard course in Law would not be interesting enough  


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International Foundation Year

The International Foundation Year at Karlshochschule is a one-year preparatory program comprising English and German language training, German cultural studies, mathematics, IT and foundations in economics and business administration designed specifically to provide international students with a direct path to undergraduate degree studies at our University.

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Management (M.A.)

Whatever you consider to be the 'reality' of the economy today, whatever meaning you take away from that, it is always influenced by external and internal factors. Sometimes these factors go along pretty well and sometimes they are in opposition. When it comes to breathing life, however, every action and every interaction is performed. How that performance goes and what it results in depends on social and cultural context(s); that is, on a personal and an institutional level.

In contrast to the prevailing concept of 'man-as-machine' in management studies, you need to understand what makes people tick, how they shape and are shaped by culture, and how society as a whole progresses in order to be successful at what you do. Young professionals like you need to be qualified for management and leadership functions in business – but beyond that, in society. In that, you are able to understand, accompany and actively design social and cultural change in any management position you would like to obtain. That is what we provide in this Master's degree Management. 

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100+ partner universities, international groups of students, lecturers and staff, as well as the variety of language courses make experiencing interculturality a natural part of everyday life at Karls.

Intercultural, Every Day!

We are a gathering point for highly motivated and open-minded individuals with the passion and desire to innovate and co-create sustainable change.

Co-Creation Space

A degree is nothing if you cannot live up to it. In our programs, we provide the ground to transform, embrace and share experiences in a creative but critical way, and thereby develop personally.

Personal Growth

Our network in economy, art, culture, politics, science and society does not only exist on paper. It develops every day through a lively exchange with our partners.

Lifelong Network

The manifold participation in joint projects with real practical relevance gives a foretaste what it is like to perform on the world stage and opens up opportunities to make new contacts for future professional projects.

Best (is) Practice

Karls people have a strong, intimate bond and close relationships. Students, professors, staff and alumni relate to, engage with and appreciate each other. Here, in Karlsruhe and all over the world.

Academic Home & more

Located right in the center of Karlsruhe, a young, vibrant, multi-cultural student city in southern Germany, we are at the pulse of Europe: cultural and economic diversity, urban lifestyle and pure nature.

Heart of Europe

We engage in new perspectives on management & society. Our interdisciplinary programs empower to tread new paths.

ReThinking Management & Society

All our programs have been accredited by FIBAA with highest praise and received 8 premium seals. That places us among Germany's top management universities.

In the Lead

Our students learn to think critically about today's realities, seek responsibility and find disruptive solutions to complex problems.

Change Makers & Care Takers