You as a personality are welcome

Are you looking for an English-language study program with international perspectives? Do you want to take responsibility in society and the environment? Do you believe that even as an individual you can make a difference and have a voice?

Karlshochschule is a place where every student is encouraged to believe in their own dreams and visions, regardless of their social, academic and cultural background. It is a small, international world of over 70 countries. At the university, you can meet other cultures every day and practice your language skills by talking to your fellow students and lecturers.

In our small classes, teachers and students are a team. Input from professors, interactive group work and critical discussions rotate. We put great emphasis on responsible, sustainable practice and you will learn different points of view. You will not get the "right answer" from us –  you will discover it for yourself and your professors and classmates will be your coaches.

So the questions are: where do you want to go? What do you want to change in the world? You can get socially involved in one of our student initiatives or start one of your own; try out different company projects, internships, and do your semester abroad on another continent. At Karlshochschule you have many opportunities to live your life to the fullest, to take on responsibility and to realize your dream of a better world, step by step.


Factsheet about Karlshochschule

The Bachelor programs - Where do I want to go?

Where would you like to make a difference in the world? At Karlshochschule, you can pursue your Bachelor's degree in three areas:


Psychology & Culture: Teamwork, human behavior, effects and perspectives

In Psychology & Culture you will learn to see management and organizations with different eyes. What does it mean to think like a psychologist and to focus on people with their emotions, needs and behaviors? How can I advise organizations or companies, how can I support people better during times of change? What does it mean when management and art meet? What do we learn about management from an artistic perspective, how can we better manage art and cultural organizations?


Business & Societal Changes: Trends, social responsibility, change management

In Business & Societal Changes, you'll explore how businesses and organizations address societal challenges. Here you ask yourself questions like: What does being a fair employer mean? How does good teamwork, in which mutual appreciation is practiced, work? How can digitalization be implemented without losing sight of people? How can companies act sustainably and assume responsibility for society?


Marketing & Management: International Business, Communication, Creative Work

In the field of Marketing & Management, you put yourself in the shoes of the employees of a company, an organization or self-employed persons. Here you ask yourself questions like: How can I act ethically as a global company? How can I sell my product sustainably and sensibly? What are the needs of my customers? How can a company use communication and storytelling to convince investors, employees or customers? How do I communicate in a mindful and respectful way?


Society: International Relations, Politics and World Economy

In the field of society you look at world events through the eyes of journalists, politicians, and activists. Here you ask yourself questions like: How is globalization affecting the population and the environment? How are people, markets and laws interconnected? How can there be peace, well-being and justice around the world?

Want to get more insights?

Choosing a Bachelor's program that suits you is very important. The following links give you several possibilities to learn more about our study programs.

Or just contact our students on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and ask about their student life at the Karlshochschule.

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All at a glance

Application Deadline

EU: 1. Sep., non-EU: 15. Jul. or later, depending on the visa process of your home country

Study program start

End of September

Study Duration

6 semesters

Tuition fee

790 € / month

Total ECTS


Taught in

English + other language courses


Company projects, practical and semester abroad


On Mondays to Fridays (as well as block seminars)