Introduction in Political Science bei Dr. Nadja Meisterhans (in englischer Sprache)

  • Differentiation between politics and political science
  • Political power  
  • Comparative Politics
  • Political Institutions and Actors
  • Governance  
  • The State
  • Elections and voting
  • Political Theory: Overview of Ideologies and Ideas
  • Political Processes
  • Socio-cultural Structure of Politics
  • International Relations and the Contemporary International System
  • Theoretical and Methodological Research Approaches

Introduction in Philosophy bei Prof. Dr. Michael Zerr (in englischer Sprache)

  • What is Philosophy
  • History of Philosophy
  • Philosophical Reasoning
  • Argumentation & Logic
  • Metaphysics/Ontology
  • Epistemology, Philosophy of Knowledge and Science
  • Philosophy of Language and Mind
  • Ethics and Moral Philosophy
  • Political, analytical and continental Philosophy
  • Aesthetics
  • Contemporary Philosophy and postmodern philosophy

Area Studies bei Prof. Dr. Javier Montiel (in englischer Sprache)

  • Global dynamics (politics, society and population, economics, ethics, etc.) and their crystallization in local processes
  • The main features of integrated civilization and culture
  • Demography and regional stereotypes
  • Socio-economic society structures
  • Current economy and politics
  • Composition and dynamics of the market and its media
  • Case studies on representative companies
  • International aspects of business activities in the host country, as well as market and demand requirements, in particular as regards exchanges between the host and home country

Global Economy bei Prof. Dr. André Reichel (in englischer Sprache)

As a critical introduction to the many backgrounds of globalization, this module will provide me with key insights about our global economy and its implications for business, politics and society. Among others I will investigate the following topics:

  • History and theories of globalization
  • Classics of economic theory: Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Karl Marx
  • Globalization as innovation: Joseph Schumpeter
  • John Maynard Keynes and Bretton Woods: global gconomic institutions
  • International actors: governments, inter-governmental and supra-national bodies, multinationals
  • Globalization and ecology
  • Postcolonial perspectives
  • Globalization at the crossroads: "Clash of Cultures" or global cooperation

Cultural Studies bei Prof. Dr. Javier Montiel (in englischer Sprache)

  • Variations of the Concept of Cultures
  • Cultural Theory and its disciplines
  • General concept of Culture and Communication
  • Critical reflection of the own cultural history
  • Cultural description and analysis