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Are you looking for an international environment located in the heart of Europe? Do you want to learn about the different processes and actors which form our society and about how they are interconnected? Are you willing to challenge your own viewpoint and to learn not only from experienced professors, but also from your fellow students with their various international experiences and cultural backgrounds? At the Karls, you will learn to reflect on how we do business and how our societies are constructed while enhancing your own vision of a better tomorrow. Whether it is in business, politics, or any other part of society: If you want to make a difference, the Karls can be your starting point.

What makes our programs unique? 01. Personalized focal point 02. Focus on practical experience with Company and Community Projects 03. Language courses + Study abroad semester 04. International atmosphere 05. Small class size + Interactive lectures 06. Focus on Personal development

Get in touch with our Karls-Ambassador Derek Twiss

Grüße! I’m Derek from Connecticut and I’m 28 years young. I first started studying here in Karlsruhe in 2016 when I began the Introductory College Prep Program (Studienkolleg). After completing the year-long introductory year, I was able to begin my bachelors in Intercultural Management and Communication.

Student life here has been very interesting and engaging with participation in student council (StuV), many practical business projects to add to your CV and various events throughout the semester. Studying with people from all over the world makes it easy to learn different languages and offers various points of view (which will be increasingly important in a global economy)...

International Business B.A. - Intercultural Management

What is culture and what is its stake in international business situations? In this focus you will not only get to know the manifold answers to these questions, you will also learn to operate safely on the international stage and to contribute to a world without prejudices.

International Business B.A. - Responsible Business

In the Responsible Business major, we work together on an economic vision in which profit and responsibility, career and personality development, performance and sustainability go hand in hand. 

International Relations B.A.

How do we build viable bridges that span the globe? Which actors are involved in global decision-making and what does it need to ensure a peaceful future? In IR, you learn the art of diplomatic negotiations and understand the nexus of international politics and economics, ecology and ethics, legal regulations and cultural ideas, from scratch.

Politics, Philosophy & Economics B.A.

What is the purpose of politics and why do we do business? Why do we agree on laws that regulate us and what gives worth to the money in our pockets? In PPE, we understand and question our institutions from philosophical viewpoints and get to understand that politics, philsophy and economics are inextricably linked.

Citizenship & Civic Engagement B.A.

What if we could make a difference in society and bring our visions into reality? What if our job had meaning and if we did something for the common good instead of just for money? In CCE, you can develop your own ideas and get all relevant instruments in order to bring about the change you want to see.

Globalization, Governance & Law

Globalization as a meeting of different cultures poses enormous challenges. On the one hand, global trade can bring us closer together in both goods and knowledge. On the other hand, it becomes increasingly difficult to regulate global responsibilities. In GGL, we focus on the issues of social justice, universal human rights and the institutions that protect them.

In order to give international students the opportunity to make most of their studies, we offer a one-year preparatory program. The International Foundation Year at Karlshochschule comprises English and German language training, German cultural studies, mathematics, IT and foundations in economics and business administration designed specifically to provide international students with a direct path to undergraduate degree studies at our University.

This year offers an entry to your desired Bachelor degree program, when you have a secondary school degree which qualifies you to study in your home country, but which is not recognized as a higher education entrance qualification in Germany (e.g. from the US). The International Foundation Year links your school education with our undergraduate programs and helps you to adjust from the secondary education in your home country to the academic culture and programs in Germany in general and at the Karls in particular.

Students who pass the International Foundation Year at Karlshochschule successfully will be admitted to our Bachelor programs.

About Anthony Amato

Anthony was once a student at the Karlshochschule. He also once, was born, grew up, and moved away from somewhere which was not Germany. Inspired by the experience he had during his studies he was keen on helping current students succeed in their studies at the Karlshochschule. With his "there is no such thing as a silly question" attitude he supported the International Foundation Year so that other students could have the same chances he himself had some years ago.


Coming from a multicultural background, I find studying, thinking and creating in an environment as diverse as Karlshochschule to be a real blessing. I've never been one to fall when I can jump and at a place like the Karls you certainly learn how to jump high.


Everything here is so international and it's like you can experience the whole world.

Cornelius - Intercultural Management & Communication

I believe that culture has become an integral part of today's economy. Through my studies I was able to develop personally and professionally.


In today's digitized world we are incredibly sensitive to media content and the media makers and managers need an international perspective on the subject.


What are the interests of politics? What motives the economy? And how can human thought and action be explained? I've always been interested in questions like that.


When I first thought of International Relations, I used to think of a very theoretical approach. But here at Karls that is not the only thing we do. The focus lies on team work and critical thinking, learning by doing and questioning everything in the process.


Cosy, familiar, creative, productive and practice-oriented - that is my everyday university life.

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