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Just like Jana, would you like to gain practical experience while still studying? Through practical projects and workshops, support for prospective entrepreneurs, and actual challenges from business, politics, and the cultural sectors as well as numerous connections, the Karls equips you with the proper tools for a successful degree, and whatever comes after.

The features of the Karls: 01. Personalized focal point 02. Focus on practical experience + Company projects 03. Language courses + Study abroad semester 04. Friendly atmosphere + Friendly professors 05. Small class size + Interactive lectures 06. Personal development


# What effects do global developments, like digital transformation, have on the world of employment?

The economy, politics, and society are all becoming more complex. That means that work is becoming more diverse and multi-layered. Yet, at the same time more and more tasks are becoming automated. What used to be the luxury of being able to look for meaningful work seems to me to be transforming into a necessity. On an individual level we are, much more than previously allowed, encouraged to understand and passionately apply the strenghts of our humanity onto our vocation. Because, then, and only then will our labor be called for.

# Which skills do alumni have to have, in order to find their place in the world?

That, which was previously unthought of, is becoming a more frequent case, which is, that a job which a graduate will take on after their studies, is one which did not exist when he or she started studying. And this is not an exception, rather it sets a pace which is only accelerating. It is often the case where university alumni are required to be rather flexible. This flexibility is often accompanied by the disposition towards life long learning, even outside of one's accustomed discipline. Today's marketing manager needs to grapple with arts and big data and today's diplomat may need to comprehend artificial intelligence or physics, or maybe the other way around. If one finds their place in the world, then it would be because they have made room for it themselves when the day's work is done. Tomorrow's work will take place more in the form of projects. One important skill is therefore, to be able to deal with this eventual condition.

# How does the Karls prepare students for these challenges?

The karlshochschule is built on co-creation. The students here have many diverse opportunities where they can develop themselves both intellectually, as well as personally so that they are able to react better to the world's increasing complexity created by globalization and digitalization. Close contact to professors and lecturers in small groups, and the experience of learning through practical projects are two features which are very normal at the Karls and therefore ensure the ability for students to develop themselves. Even early on in their study programs our students have to take over responsibility for themselves and others in the form of groupwork. The high percentage of international students also brings the world directly into our classrooms, with all of its opportunities as well as its complications. These encounters raise questions. And this critical questioning and its search for new, creative answers are defining skills which the Karlshochschule strives to teach its students. Their exchange semesters, as well as the students' mandatory internship serve to provoke and necessitate their own flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit so that they may, one day make a positive change to the world.

About Dr. Prof. Dirk Nicolas Wagner

Dr. Professor Wagner is the dean of the faculty for Business and Management at the Karlshochschule. He previously held  leading industrial positions in both Great Britian and Germany. The themes of Leadership and Strategic Management are the foci of his research projects and lectures.

As an alumnus, when I look back at my time at the Karls one of the most prominent memories I have is that of my graduation ceremony. Despite the size of my cohort it was a very intimate, private and individual event where the spirit of this place, the spirit of community and the spirit of personal appreciation really showed once more. Since then, not much has changed in that. I still cherish the fond memories I have. I am still in touch with a good number of fellow students and my professors.

Two years ago I was looking for a job. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure at first what direction to go into. Whoever I asked – professors, colleagues, fellow students or alumni – everyone was super supportive in, first of all, getting a better idea of myself and what would be right (and especially what would be wrong) for me. And secondly, when I had finally made up my mind, I experienced the same kind of dedication towards helping me find a job. Even former professors and lecturers got out of their own way to get me in touch with people in their network and landed me job interviews I otherwise would not have been able to score. This sense of community - like a duck takes to water - of helping others out even beyond the “boundaries” of the university, is something which I perceive as unique about the Karls and the people who make it.

The uni also regularly organizes a business breakfast-style event where current students and alumni could meet, discuss, network and establish ties for future employment – in the typical Karls atmosphere. And through the alumni foundation I am still connected to other alumni of the university and have the possibility to meet them at corresponding events; which is a great way to further my network, but also to meet the people who tick like me. I am very grateful for all of that.

It may seem strange that I, an employee of the university, am writing this statement about what the university has done for me as an alumnus. You could think I was biased. And indeed I am. Biased by 10 years of having been a part of this great university! I did leave the Karls for a while in between to explore something else. But I was drawn back to it. To me, there is no place like the Karls and I am proud to be a part of it. Proud to be able to be an alumnus and an employee, and to be able to share and further what the Karls has given to me – professionally, in terms of what I know and what I am able to do, but predominantly personally, in terms of the person the Karls helped me to become. Yes, when you study here you will learn a lot, experience a lot, and you will be able to apply your knowledge and your “intuition” in your working life later on. But what is more important is that at the Karls you will become the kind of person who can do these things – and a lot more.

What the Karls has taught me, in the end, is that it’s not so much about what you learn, it’s about who you become along the way.

About David Sixt

David supported students throughout their Company Projects and internships. As he studied both his Bachelors and Masters at the Karlshochschule, he could relate to the many challenges which students (both German and non-German) may face. Therefore, he happily led the Student Service with a disposition towards answering any possible questions. 

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