International Relations (B.A.)

The International Relations degree program is designed for students who have a keen interest in bridging different political contexts and working in an international capacity. The program is centred on the foundation of diplomacy, which is regarded as a driving force in a world that is fraught with conflict. The curriculum delves into various theories that propose what state and non-state actors can do to resolve differences with the premise of resolving issues in a peaceful way.

The program offers a comprehensive study of international politics and economics, ecology and ethics, legal regulations, and cultural concepts, in addition to training in the art of diplomatic negotiations. Students in this program will gain a thorough understanding of how diplomacy can be used as a driving force to resolve conflicts and will learn how to encourage the exchange of knowledge and values when working as an intermediary for other cultures and political contexts. By focusing on these critical areas of study, students will be better equipped to pursue careers in a variety of fields, including diplomacy, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, business, research, and media.

Career Opportunities

  • Diplomat
  • International Organisation employee
  • Government employee
  • Broadcaster
  • Journalist
  • Researcher
  • Private or Public Sector employee
  • Non-Governmental Organisation employee
  • Conflict Resolution Specialist

    This course of study starts every winter semester in September.


    Fact sheet on the study program

    All at a glance

    Application Deadline

    EU: 1. Sep., non-EU: 15. Jul. or later, depending on the visa process of your home country

    Study program start

    End of September

    Study Duration

    6 semesters

    Tuition fee

    790 € / month

    Total ECTS


    Taught in

    English + other language courses


    Company projects, practical and semester abroad


    On Mondays to Fridays (as well as block seminars)

    Program Structure: International Relations

    Each module in the International Relations course at Karlshochschule opens up a new and exciting world. When I look at the module overview, I can see how my course contents are logically interlinked and how this provides me with a much broader spectrum of International Relations.

    Global Economy

    4 ECTS

    Cultural Studies

    4 ECTS

    Civil Society: Ethics, Culture, Society

    4 ECTS

    Introduction to International Relations

    5 ECTS

    International Organizations

    5 ECTS

    Introduction to Scientific Research Methods

    8 ECTS

    English / German as a Foreign Language 1.1

    4 ECTS

    Sustainable Development

    4 ECTS

    Introduction into Political Philosophy

    6 ECTS

    Introduction in Strategic Practice

    6 ECTS

    Foreign Policy Analysis

    6 ECTS

    English / German as a Foreign Language 1.2

    4 ECTS

    Area Studies

    6 ECTS


    6 ECTS

    Conflict Resolution

    6 ECTS

    Community Project

    6 ECTS

    Foreign Language 2.1

    6 ECTS

    International Collaboration

    6 ECTS

    Contemporary Society

    6 ECTS


    6 ECTS

    International Community Project

    6 ECTS

    Foreign Language 2.2 or Host Language

    6 ECTS

    Economic Institutionalism

    6 ECTS

    Elective: Ethics ... and Globalization / and Sustainability / in Practice

    6 ECTS

    Justice, Human and Constitutional Rights

    6 ECTS

    Social Impact and Empowerment

    6 ECTS

    Foreign Language 2.3

    6 ECTS


    18 ECTS

    Bachelor Thesis including its Defense

    12 ECTS

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