Climate change, migration, digital transformation - the world as we know it is changing radically. In the Karls Semester I get the chance to prepare myself for my role as a changemaker without having to decide on a particular course of study. Not only am I learning to question existing conditions, I am also laying the foundations for actively shaping my future and that of all of us.

The Karls Semester

Do Fridays for you no longer just represent the start of the weekend, but also the exit from fossil fuels? Are you a person who is no longer prepared to accept conditions as they are? Instead, do you want to change something in this world for the better?

With the Karls Semester, we offer committed young people like you a practice-oriented start to your Bachelor's degree. For one semester you will have the opportunity to orient yourself professionally while at the same time dealing with the big questions of our time such as global justice, climate change or migration. You will learn to critically question yourself and your points of view. You will train to represent your points of view convincingly in debates. And you will get the chance to develop and present your own social project. We will teach you many things you need for your studies (such as the technique of scientific work). It goes without saying that you will already receive your first ECTS points.

The Karls Semester is the ideal introduction to the Bachelor's program for anyone who

  • would like to view current topics from different perspectives
  • wants to learn, think and act autonomously
  • is willing to take on responsibility and to engage in social activities
  • wants to actively shape our future

Study structure of Karls Semester

The study structure is valid only if the minimum number of students is reached – otherwise we will provide an individual offer.


Approaching University


Questioning normality & normalization


Students as self-driven learners, thinkers and humans


Managing societal issues of our time


Stay abroad / Internship


English as a foreign language


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#KarlsStories: The Activist

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