Honors Program – The four-year Management Bachelor program

Who knows where life is going to take you when you’ve just finished school? Bachelor, Master, study abroad: What do I want to do? Where do I want to study? Will I join the corporate world or will academia win me over?

The majority of universities expect you to decide directly after high school if you want to study in a three or four-year program. However, we at the Karls know that sometimes you need to give things a try first in order to find out how you want to continue. With us you can decide during your studies whether you want to study for three or four years. This way, you can find out for yourself which way is right for you.

Spending four years in the Bachelor doesn’t simply mean taking more time to develop personally and professionally, though. It also means setting yourself apart from other Bachelor graduates on the job market – through more practical experience, through more complex scientific research skills, through a broader choice of partner universities abroad, or through an intensified assessment of state-of-the-art questions in management such as digitization, diversity, entrepreneurship or sustainability.

Beyond that, this program qualifies graduates for a greater amount of Master programs worldwide – in particular for one-year study programs which require a higher number of Credit Points.

Honors Program: What, how and for whom?

Everyone begins their studies in one of our three-year Bachelor programs. Then, in your second year of studies, you can decide to apply for the Honors Program; that is, if you have studied successfully in the first semesters, of course. The Honors Program is for students in our Management Bachelor programs who are particularly engaged and who wish to embrace the KarlsSpirit for one more year.

In your third year of studies you get the chance to explore the world: First in a semester abroad at one of our numerous partner universities, then through an internship of six instead of three months. You will gain deeper insights into the corporate world or even have the chance to gain experiences in two companies.

In your fourth year of studies you return to the Karls where you reflect and critically analyze your new experiences. In the winter term you will take two General Management modules which help you to ask ethical questions and to open yourself up to radical change and innovation. Two specialized modules give new perspectives on the specific focus of your study program and another module deepens your scientific abilities.

With this basis you round up your study projects in the third and fourth semester with an Honors Project. As part of your final semester you can really make this project your own and follow the challenges you are interested in – be they in entrepreneurship, scientific research, voluntary engagement, or consultancy of companies. The professors at Karlshochschule as well as guest experts support you in your endeavors and integrate you into their own projects if you wish.

The many additional practical, methodological and content-related inspirations immediately flow into your successive Bachelor’s Thesis. Finally, you finish off your studies with a module to reflect your personal qualifications and abilities; preparing you for the journey into the professional world and life-long learning.

As mentioned above, the Honors Program offers a range of new perspectives for your future, too: On the one hand, it gives you the possibility to set yourself apart from other Bachelor graduates in the job market. On the other hand, the increased number of Credit Points you gain here opens up a broader variety of further education opportunities. With the completion of the Honors Program you can, for example, enter into one-year Master’s programs or perhaps get some of your ECTS credited for a two-year Master’s.

Honors Program – The four-year Management Bachelor program: Course Structure

The first four semesters follow the usual structure of the Management Bachelor program you enroll in. Your path changes from the fifth semester in the Honors Program as follows.



3. Studienjahr: Praxissemester, Auslandssemester und Vertiefungen


  • Practical activity in a business function in a company, association or comparable organization
  • The following functional areas come into consideration:
    • Management/General Management; Organization; Marketing; Distribution; Controlling, finance and accounting; HR management; Project management; Procurement; Data processing; Appropriate operating department
  • Analytical reflection of practical experience
  • Identification of relevant questions for the Bachelor Thesis
  • Analysis of problems/obstacles
  • Development of factors of success when transferring into practice
Type of examination: Internship analysis
Type of examination: Praktikumsanalyse

Semester Abroad


4. Studienjahr: Vertiefungen, Honors Project und Thesis

Specialization (Research)

Specialization (Research)
Type of examination: Written assignment

Specialization (Practice)


Reflecting Ethics in Management


Reflecting Change and Innovation in Management and Society


Advanced Quantiative and Qualitative Methods


Honors Project


Transformation Experience


Bachelor Thesis


Honors Program: Admission Requirements & Fees

You apply to one of our eight regular Management Bachelor programs. Only in the second year do you then decide whether you want to stick to the three years or extend your studies to four years in the Honors Program.

If you decide to choose the Honors Program you need to apply with a letter of motivation in English to admissions(at)karlshochschule.de by 20 February at the latest.

Our main focus in the evaluation of your application is on the question whether your study progress so far gives a positive outlook to a successful extension of your studies.

The tuition fees for the Honors Program are the same as for any Bachelor study programs at the Karls.