I want to be at a University that lives and breathes a multi-cultural, multinational vibe. That means I can imagine a lot of my classmates and professors come from different countries and where it's totally normal to hear campus conversations in English, Spanish or any other language.

What is also normal is that lectures, no later than the third semester, are in English, (in International BusinessInternational Relations, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Citizenship and Civic Engagement, Globalization, Governance and Law as well as optionally in International Tourism Management and Intercultural Management and Communication from the first semester) and that with courses in Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese and Russian, I will still learn another language during the course of my studies at Karlshochschule. Naturally, overseas students can also learn German as a foreign language.

Then, during one of the regularly scheduled trips to Singapore, New York or Istanbul for example, I can expand my newly acquired language skills. They will be really useful at the latest during the fifth semester, when I can choose to spend my semester abroad at one of more than 90 partner universities.

I also imagine that the international pulse of Karlshochschule is further influenced by the activities of the faculty who will naturally be taking part in international conferences and seminars, as well as promoting active exchange programs with other scientists from around the world.