Personality Development

I want more from a University than just knowledge and skills. I want a University that helps me grow into a person who lives their life with courage and confidence. A person who can withstand uncertainty and ambiguity, and is equipped to to take responsibility for both my decisions and those of others. When I look back on my time at Karlshochschule, I will recognize that much of the content of my studies was designed to encourage me to reflect on myself. That’s why the letter I write to myself during my first semester, will only be opened at the end of my studies.

Later, I will often talk about my goals and objectives, during a moderated reflection with my mentors and fellow students. During my overseas semester I will start to call many of those thoughts and ideas into question as I test myself in a new environment. Towards the end of my studies I will then be asked to put my ideas into practice in real time situations and circumstances during the practical phase. So I can well imagine the one thing I am learning about most at the Karlshochschule is how to be amazed about myself.