Practical experience

I see myself at a University where I can practically apply the knowledge and skills that I'm learning. So right from the first semester I'm in touch with real life economy and culture. Where I can experience real CEOs and company founders as lecturers, and take field trips with my professors and fellow students, to fascinating business venues.

By increasing the amount of practical content from semester to semester, I increase my experience and real life competencies. The project phases begin in the third semester where I can get involved as part of a team creating real business programs like strategy analysis or social media campaigns.

I'm told many students consider these project phases as one of the most intense, but also most satisfying parts of their studies. This is when the University becomes an idea factory designed to inspire different groups of students to seriously impress their clients. The lecture halls are emptied, and pin boards and projectors are set up, and everything is focussed on the project. Ultimately of course, the end results will be presented to both clients and professors. To help me stand out, the University equips the groups with coaches from a wide range of disciplines, like presentation professionals and leaders from industry and culture, psychologists as well as drama coaches. This means I can always get the right help, advice and knowledge, right when I need it.

For three to six months towards the end of my studies, is the practical semester, where I get the chance to show what I can do in everyday situations, under real life conditions. To me, this is the ideal springboard into a career and a great source of inspiration and material for my Bachelor Thesis. Then, when choosing the right internship, Karlshochschule is still there for me with advice and help, and things like contacts to international companies, NGOs and cultural institutions.