Company projects

At Karlshochschule, students have the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge and skills directly in practical settings. Starting from the first semester, students can immerse themselves in the world of business and culture, and learn from company executives and founders who serve as guest lecturers. Additionally, students have the opportunity to visit exciting business locations with their professors and classmates.

As the program progresses, students will have increasing opportunities to develop their competencies in real-world contexts. In the third semester, project phases are introduced, during which students can work in teams on real-world business projects, such as strategy analyses or social media campaigns. Through these collaborations, students can gain deep insights into the company and its operations, and acquire valuable experience that they can use in their future careers.

The project phases at Karlshochschule are described by students as one of the most intense and valuable parts of their studies. During this time, the university transforms into an ideas factory, where different groups of students give their all to impress the client. Lecture rooms are cleared out, projectors and whiteboards are set up, and everything is dedicated to the project, as the final result will be presented to the client and the professors.

To support students in this process, Karlshochschule provides coaches from different fields to each group. These coaches include presentation professionals and experts from the world of business and culture, as well as psychologists and acting trainers. This allows students to have access to advice and knowledge that are beneficial to their project, and to further develop their skills and competencies in a practical environment.


At the end of my studies I start my internship: three to six months in which I show what I can do under real conditions. For me this is the best step into my professional life and also a good source for the topic of my bachelor thesis. The Karlshochschule supports me with advice and practical help in selecting my internship - among other things with the best contacts to international companies, NGOs and cultural institutions.