Semester abroad

Foreign countries, exotic smells, colors, shapes and sounds, unexpected impressions, a market in Jakarta, a wedding in New Delhi, meeting new people, absorbing foreign cultures, seeing the world through different eyes and being amazed. Totally and mind blowingly amazed.

This is precisely what Karlshochschule wants. To set no limits on my developmental or cultural experiences, the keyword is Internationalism. As well as making English the teaching language, as well as offering a wide choice of other languages, Karlshochschule also offers me the chance to study for a semester at one of over 100 partner universities, such as San Diego, Sydney and Shanghai without losing any time.

Normally, the semester abroad in the International Business and Management study programs will take place in the fifth semester. In the International Relations, Citizenship and Civic Engagement, Globalization, Governance and Law as well as Politics, Philosophy and Economics courses, it takes place in the fourth semester.

Partner Universities

For me, the incredible international network of Karlshochschule is one of its greatest advantages. It is a member of the ATLAS network, Businet, and EAIE. It participates in the ERASMUS+ program (D KARLSRU08), and maintains close ties with universities and institutions around the globe. These partnerships involve student and faculty exchanges, joint projects, and the regular sharing of information. Currently there are over 114 agreements that have been made with universities around the world, and the numbers are still growing.

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