Cooperation Partner

There is a network, whose threads all converge in Karlsruhe. They are sponsors and friends of the Karlshochschule in business, politics and culture. These are people who don't want to hide their ideas, but want to share them. Where visions and ideas empower progress. And I imagine I am a part of it.

German Transfer Center for Social Innovations

The Deutsche Transferzentrum für Soziale Innovationen provides support for industry and society (civil society, government and academia) in the search for innovative solutions to social problems, contributing to the shaping of processes of change in society. It identifies both driving forces and obstacles. The center assists companies and social institutions to develop and transfer applicable solutions to problems by promoting cross-sector networking and cooperation among relevant actors.

Alongside other renowned institutions, Karlshochschule International University is a partner of the German Transfer Center for Social Innovations. One of the areas of research focus at Karlshochschule is the field of social innovations. Furthermore, these are also the subject of many student initiatives at our University, as well as being the focus of many of our partners.

Improved Reading

Growing out of an initiative from the former Chair of the L-Bank, Prof. Dr. Manfred Schmitz-Kaiser and the President of Karlshochschule at that time, Prof. Dr. Michael Zerr, who are both enthusiastic "improved readers", in 2013 an active cooperation began with Improved Reading Rhein/Neckar (Managing Director Thomas Wunderberg). This led to Improved Reading workshops for students and staff, a Karlsgespräch and a company project.

In this way, Karlshochschule became a key player in the vision of Karlsruhe as "City of Top Readers".