What will the future of my company look like? I imagine actually meeting the future because the employee of the future is completing an internship here now. I see well-educated young people just before they complete their studies. They have high levels of commitment and are very keen to put their knowledge into practice, just as they did during the Company Projects they worked on for companies, agencies or even small businesses from the region. Additionally, in their semester abroad they have already gained initial international experience. And so now they are ready for their next big step: the internship. As a host company, I can rely on the motivation and expertise of the Karlshochschule students as well as the professional attitude of the university itself. Since "my" interns are monitored by Karlshochschule during the 3 to 6 months of their internship there is really only one thing that I have to worry about: Which of the following courses is my future employee most likely to be studying?

BA International Business

BA Intercultural Management and Communication

BA International Marketingmanagement

BA International Tourism Management

BA International Event Management

BA Arts and Cultural Management

BA International Sustainability Management

BA International Media Management

BA International Relations

BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics

MA Management


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