I imagine my university has a space for little moments of happiness. Where I can refresh my mind and spice up my day with premium coffee, cold drinks and snacks. Whenever I want, I can go to KarlsCafé to meet fellow students, lecturers and university staff in a relaxed atmosphere and let our ideas roam together. Here there is unlimited space for communication.



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Karlscafé Story

I imagine enthusiastic students with great entrepreneurial spirit setting up and running KarlsCafé. An offer from students for students. Outside of the regular opening hours, this student lounge has a lively extended program with guest talks or "After Work" events.

This young company now enriching university life arose directly out of the Karlshochschule Start-Up Incubator, which makes resources available to students with an idea to improve the university. The café's management team changes each year, which ensures more students with the right motivation can gather their first experiences in running and organising a company.

I imagine a haven which also mirrors company functions on a small scale: finances, logistics, marketing, HR and daily operations all provide the student management with challenges. Each one of them can contribute where they see their strengths.

Since the KarlsCafé follows the sustainability guidelines of the university, it sources its coffee beans from a local roaster. The food and beverages on offer in the café are tailored to meet my needs: if exams are around the corner, I can find strong espressi in my café, and if the sun is shining strongly, I can find an iced coffee instead. Appropriately for its location in an International University, KarlsCafé serves up specialties from all over the world. Which country will I be eating in next week?

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