The important questions at a glance

If you finished school in another country, you might have to join a Studienkolleg (foundation year) before starting your Bachelor's program in Germany. This one-year preparatory program comprises English and German language training, German cultural studies, mathematics and foundations in economics and business administration. Our International Foundation Year (Studienkolleg) offers international applications an entry to their desired Bachelor's program at the Karls. It links your school education with our undergraduate programs and helps you to adjust from the secondary education in your home country to the academic culture and programs in Germany in general and at the Karls in particular. You can find more information about the International Foundation Year (Studienkolleg) at the Karls here.    

There are specific regulations for secondary school degrees from other countries, which make sure that your education meets the requirements for successfully studying in a Bachelor's program in Germany. You can find all the requirements for a secondary school degree specifically for your country in this database. We will also inform you during the usual application process if you need to attend a foundation year (Studienkolleg). If that is the case, you can start with our International Foundation Year (Studienkolleg) at Karlshochschule and join our Bachelor's programs after this one preparatory year.    

When you apply to our International Foundation Year (Studienkolleg), you also apply to one of our Bachelor's programs. After successfully finishing the foundation year, you can directly start with your desired Bachelor studies – without the need for another application. Right from the beginning you will be admitted to both programs (1+3 years). And if you change your mind about your Bachelor program during the foundation year, you will be able to switch it. You can find more information regarding the application process and all required documents here.