I envision someone new just getting started in my company. Someone who has just received his university degree. And yet I have the feeling that this is a person of mature character, entering into new and complex situations with determination while gauging every action based on considerable specialist knowledge. I can trust this person and rest assured that my goals and visions will be understood and pursued self-reliantly. How is it that I can visualize this so well? Perhaps because I already became acquainted with this young person during his or her studies. As an entrepreneur, I have many different opportunities to establish contacts with Karlshochschule students early on: I can give talks on work practice or be involved at Karlshochschule as a mentor. I can invite students to work for me during a company project or let them convince me how committed they are by hiring them as interns for three to six months. And if I can offer a suitable topic, the Karlshochschule students will grapple with a problem that my company has in their final project. So I give the students support and receive valuable insights in return.


Of course, Karlshochschule is there for me if I want to find out more about cooperation with students and graduates:

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