Funding at Karlshochschule

As a private university funded by a non-profit foundation we take an entrepreneurial approach – with all the risks associated with this.

External funding is a central pillar of our long-term approach to financing our instruction and research. Every grant we receive allows us to improve the quality of our institution and also to help people to study at Karlshochschule who normally cannot afford to pay tuition fees. Grants also help us to perform societally relevant and highly topical research.

Make a difference with your support! 

Make a difference for future generations of students and support the Karls through donations! As a non-profit entity, we exclusively pursue tax-privileged purposes. We rely on your assistance to continue our educational mission! Any amount helps and you will of course, receive a donation receipt for tax purposes. 

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Robert Lepenies



Event Sponsoring

As an educational establishment, we are of course very interested in using our premises to host academic or student conferences, lecture series or workshops. Events such as these act as a key catalyst for development in our society and help to shape academic discourse.

We at Karlshochschule are especially interested in culture-oriented approaches applied to management research and economic life – and appropriate opportunities to bring this approach into the public debate. Since hosting events always has a significant cost factor, we are grateful for offers to sponsor events – often this is the only way to make them possible. Together we can consider how this can be realized.

Events at Karls

Network Sponsoring

The lifeblood of an international university such as ours is its intense level of exchange with international partners. So when our professors are attending international events or travelling abroad as a guest lecturer, they are asked to be on the lookout for relevant opportunities to invite colleagues from other countries to give guest lectures in Germany or come here on a research trip.

As a network sponsor you can support our faculties and make it easier for that specific research institute or professorship to act with the flexibility necessary. As a funder you gain exclusive access to the research results from the relevant department and, of course, you will be mentioned as a supporter in our Annual Report, on our website and/or in publications or other contexts of your choice.

Research Sponsoring

In-depth research takes time and needs resources. So in order to allow our professors to concentrate 100% on their teaching, we would like to offer each of them in turn a 6-month sabbatical so that they can then concentrate 100% on their research – we call this a 'research semester'.

As a funder you can make this research possible and in return gain access to the relevant research results. You unburden the professor from their twin obligation, as your funding guarantees a stand-in for their teaching duties. So you are also ensuring that our students and the public benefit from increased knowledge transfer. We will be very happy to include your proposals as we formulate the research questions and develop the empirical research program. At the end of the research period, you will of course receive exclusive and comprehensive access to the researchers and their results.

Research Exchange Sponsoring

Nothing is more valuable to a university than international exchange – of knowledge, insights and their providers. Our support program "Research Exchange" is an opportunity for you to give international scientists the chance to spend a teaching and research semester at Karlshochschule. In this way, you are making a contribution to the international networking and worldwide reputation of our university.

Of course, you will be among the first to gain access to the relevant research programs and results. And as a "Research Exchange" sponsor you will also be honoured and mentioned by name. Personal meetings with the exchange partners benefiting from your support are also possible.

Endowed Professorships

The most lasting form of support for a university and its professorship is, of course, the long-term funding of a professor's post. This provides our research institute with the material basis we need for ongoing development of our first-class research and instruction. This type of support also offers the opportunity to fund a substantive orientation towards important topical issues.

For example, in 2013 the L-Bank endowed a professor for "Finance, Ethics and Sustainability". Funding such as this makes it possible for the university to open up a new area of activity, which then benefits more than just the students. As the endower or funder, you are naturally entitled to meet this professor and have priority access to their projects and results.

KarlsFriend & KarlsPartner

If you want to lend voice to your enthusiasm for our university, the support program "KarlsFriend" is a great opportunity to make donations to our university that are not earmarked for a specific purpose. As a non-profit association we can provide you with a donation receipt so you benefit from tax exemption, too.

And if you are interested in providing significant assistance directly to the Karlshochschule foundation, the program "KarlsPartner" is the right one for you.