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In the Masters Program of Management at the Karls you will take on the challenges of tomorrow by scrutinizing the economy of today. What are you planning? Are the specializations Brand, Creativity & Innovation, Cultural Change & Society, Human Resources & Diversity, New Media, or Sustainability something for you?

The features of the Karls: 01. Personalized specialization 02. Focus on practical experience + Company projects 03. Language courses 04. Friendly atmosphere + Friendly professors 05. Small class size + Interactive lectures 06. Personal development

What makes the Master Management at the Karls unique?

The program is both general and specialized. What does this mean? Until graduation, the students receive an interdisciplinary overview of management and can focus on two subject areas such as brand, creativity and innovation, or human resources and diversity. The program has a specific approach to management: We do NOT regard management as a sub-discipline of business studies or economics, but instead regard management as an interdisciplinary field inspired by various disciplines like cultural studies, social sciences and the humanities.

For what does a Master's degree at the Karls prepare the students?

The master program educates specialized all-rounders, so that every graduate has a wide range of career opportunities in her/his later professional life. We not only have graduates who work in traditional companies, innovative start-ups, non-profit organizations, but also graduates who decide to do a doctorate. This means that we do not educate for a specific management profession, but train each individual to develop her/his own profile. That is challenging no question. The paths taken by the graduates prove to me that it is worth it. For me, it is particularly important that students learn to think in new and different ways, to question themselves and others again and again. Our students develop themselves intensively over the two years so that they can make a difference in the world: with competence, empathy and passion.

What distinguishes a good applicant?

To be honest, there is not one exact profile that an applicant must have to study the Master Management. The mix of different personalities makes the program unique. We always have more than 50% international students in the program who have also studied very different Bachelor programs. For me, it is important that the students are open-minded, and that they really want to move out of their comfort zone. I find streamlined CVs rather boring. I am always happy about applications in which I feel the fire of passion.

About Prof. Dr. Stephan Sonnenburg

Dr. Prof. Stephan Sonnenburg has been lecutring Branding, Creativity and Performative Management at the Karls since 2008. As the head of the Masters in Management degree program he specializes in the disciplines of Brand, Creativity & Innovation and New Media. Before joining the Karls as a professor he was involved in creative as well as strategic leadership positions in the agency scene as well as a manager of international brands.  

Excellent and appreciated

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Alle Bewertungen lesen

One of my favorite moments, when I reminisce about my studies, would have to be my Graduation party. It was a party which was very particular to the spirit of this place, of the community, and the appreciation that everyone had for one another. But nothing has changed since then.

After my graduation I needed some counselling with professors, colleagues and alumni until I found out in which direction I wanted to take my career. While looking for a job I experienced anew the wonderful and personal dedication which constitute the Karlshochschule. Even former professors and lecturers personally vouched for me in their personal networks, and brought me into contact with possible job opportunities and into job interviews which I would have not be able to get in touch with on my own. This feeling of community, which acts even as a spring board to launch students outside the boundaries of the university is that which I think makes the Karls, and the people here unique.

There is even an Alumni-network which bring alumni and students into contact with on another through typical ‘Karls’ activities like Business Breakfasts. In addition, I have the chance to meet Alumni at interesting events. It is not only a great opportunity to build my own network but also to meet people who act and think like me.

I admit, it may be a bit peculiar that I (a current employee at the university) write about what the university has done for me (and still does) as an alumnus. One might even think that I am a but biased. Well yes, I am a bit biased. In fact, I cannot get over a biased influenced by ten years of personal development at this brilliant University. Even after leaving the Karls to do my own thing for a short time, I ended up being pulled back in.

For me, there is no place like the Karls, and I am proud to be a part of it. I am proud to be both an alumnus and an employee, and thankful for everything that the University has given me – both professionally but also personally. My experience is something that I hope to impart on the current Karls students.

About David Sixt

David supports and guides students in the Masters program through their studies and practical projects. As a former Bachelor and Masters student at the Karlshochschule, he knows firsthand the challenges which German and International students may face during their studies. As the leader of the Student Service Department, David, by answering questions, concerns and wishes, faces these challenges with the students. 

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