Master's degree Management

Whatever you consider to be the 'reality' of the economy today, whatever meaning you take away from that, it is always influenced by external and internal factors. Sometimes these factors run in-parallel to each other and sometimes they are contradicting. When it comes to breathing life into your considerations however, every action and every interaction is performed. How that performance goes and what it creates depends on social and cultural context(s); that is, on a personal and an institutional level. 

In contrast to the prevailing concept of 'man-as-machine' in management studies, you need to understand what makes people tick, how they shape and are shaped by culture, and how society as a whole progresses in order to be successful at what you do. Young professionals like you need to be qualified for management and leadership functions in business – but beyond that, in society. From this you are able to understand, accompany and actively design social and cultural change in any management position you would like to obtain. 

This is what we provide in this Master's degree Management.

This course of study starts in March (summer semester) and in September (winter semester).