Master Specializations

The core modules of the Master's programs PPE – Master in Social TransFormation and Master in Management are like a back-bone in my studies. They are supplemented by two elective modules, which I can choose according to my specific interests.

These specializations do not only give me the opportunity to qualify in a specific area and improve my employability, but also to learn with and from students having a different background and orientation. When selecting my specialization, I might ask myself questions like: “What do I want to know more about? What interests me or what feels right? What do I want to be good at?

Brands & Stories

Anyone who wants to carry ideas out into the world, who wants to advertise products and services, who wants to popularize people and their visions, needs to think in terms of brands and stories. Brands can be anything, a technological innovation, a bulk store, an art museum, a mayoral candidate or an environmental movement. Choosing this specialization, you learn to understand brands, to tell stories about them, to attract people and also to consistently innovate when new challenges arise.


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Diversity Leadership & Feminism

Diversity is a matter of subsistence for society as well as for organisations, for it is what provides strength and generates resources for them. In this specialization you learn to recognize identities as source of difference (e.g. gender, sexual orientation, age, cultural background), to analyse the chance for diversity of social and organizational culture, to challenge power and privilege and to moderate processes that unfold the potential of diversity to bring organisations closer to people and make societies more cohesive.

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Digital Media

Digitization is not just a technological development  –  in digital media people communicate faster and more interconnected, new types of social structures are formed and a completely new culture is establishing itself. This specialization is primarily about understanding this digital culture. Based on this understanding, we discuss how we maintain digital communities, use their dynamics or attend them critically. In the final step, we develop practical ways in which we can transform digital communities – and how they can transform the world.

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Sustainability & Urban Development

Let’s create a sustainable future! An integral understanding and holistic practice of sustainability goes far beyond "green" lifestyles or short-lived hypes. Rather, it interconnects ecology, geographies, cities, architectures, technologies and politics, thus also social and cultural values. In this specialization, you will engage critically with specific themes and applications of sustainability (e.g. degrowth, urban development or transition towns), in order to transform social, economic and business practices with empathy and responsibility.

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Globalization, Governance & Trade

While globalization has contributed to a substantial rise in living standards and falling poverty over the past half-century, it has also resulted in exploitation of people and nature. Is there a way to “fix” globalization so it works for everyone? You learn about the opportunities and challenges of globalization and understand how global trade can produce and reproduce social and economic inequalities. You explore sustainable alternatives to current trade practices and the transformative potential of global governance to build a better future.

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All at a glance

Application Deadline

EU: 1. Oct., non-EU: 15. Jul. or later, depending on the visa process of your home country

Study program start


Study Duration

4 semesters

Tuition fee

790 € / month

Total ECTS


Taught in



Thursday evening, Friday to Saturday noon (as well as block seminars)