Master's degree Management: Fees & Funding

The annual tuition fee for the Master's program is € 8,280 which you pay in monthly instalments. The tuition payable increases by € 690 per month that you are additionally enrolled.

However, you can flexibly determine the monthly instalments of your payment of the tuition fee during your two years of studies. The only rule is that you must have paid all tuition fees by the time of your graduation.

Please note: For corresponding information regarding the PreMaster program please see here.

Tom Green

Tom Green, Management (M.A.)

"The way I have personally developed on this course is surreal and I can only thank the Karls for that! This was the best life decision I have ever made."

Master's degree Management: Scholarships

With the flexibility of the FlexiPayment tuition scheme you may not require a scholarship to fund your studies. If you still do there is a variety of options for you to check:

1.     Browse the DAAD search website through the link on the right (international applicants only).  

2.     Germany Scholarship: Since 2011, Karlshochschule in corporation with 'Deutschlandstipendium' financially supports outstanding students. It's not just about academic achievements but about you as a whole, which, for example, includes your extracurricular activities and social engagement, too.   

3.     Further scholarships for you to browse: