Master's degree Management: Fees & Funding


The annual tuition fee for the Master's program is € 8,280 which you pay in monthly installments. The tuition payable increases by € 690 per month that you are additionally enrolled.

However, payment of the tuition fee can be expanded to up to 3 years after graduation.

To make it more palpable, here are a few calculation examples:

Scenario 1: You finish your studies within the regular study period and spread the total amount equally over time until 3 years after your graduation. In this case your monthly tuition fee is only € 276.

Scenario 2: You finish your studies within the regular study period. During your studies you pay a monthly tuition fee of € 100. After your graduation you find a job and spread the outstanding amount equally over 3 years, which adds up to € 393.33 per month. 

Scenario 3: You finish your studies within the regular study period and pay the total amount latest until 3 months after your graduation. In this case, you will be granted a 10% discount*. Accordingly, you do not need to pay any further tuition after your graduation.

Other scenarios are possible upon agreement. This offers you a high level of flexibility in managing your funds.

*Every student who has completed their studies within the regular study period and has paid the total amount of their tuition fees latest until 3 months after their graduation is granted a 10% discount, regardless what scenario they have followed.

Please note: For corresponding information regarding the PreMaster program please see here.

Tom Green

Tom Green, Management (M.A.)

"The way I have personally developed on this course is surreal and I can only thank the Karls for that! This was the best life decision I have ever made."

Master's degree Management: Scholarships

With the flexibility of the FlexiPayment tuition scheme you may not require a scholarship to fund your studies. If you still do there is a variety of options for you to check:

1.     Browse the DAAD search website through the link on the right (international applicants only).  

2.     Germany Scholarship: Since 2011, Karlshochschule in corporation with 'Deutschlandstipendium' financially supports outstanding students. It's not just about academic achievements but about you as a whole, which, for example, includes your extracurricular activities and social engagement, too.   

3.     Further scholarships for you to browse: