Master's degree Management: Personal Consultation

You wanna get a good sniff of the flair and spirit of Karls life… live? Meet students, professors and staff in person? Then book yourself in for a personal consultation! Slots are available by arrangement with our Admissions Team.

Master's degree Management: Open House

Speak to current students and alumni about everyday life, lecturing and application at the Karls. Meet our professors, join their little, interactive presentations and get a sneak peek into the Karls style of teaching. Get to know our student project groups at a guided tour of the uni and learn more about what is going on here beyond the classroom.

We host these days all over the year. An overview of dates is available here. Interested? Sign up!

Master's degree Management: Drop-In

We can tell you a lot. But what do we know, really? Experiencing and participating in a real lecture is still the best way to get a picture. So come drop in to an actual lecture in General Management, Personal Skills or Specialization modules!

Please ask our Admissions Service for further information on dates, process and registration.

Master's degree Management: Afterwork à la Master

After a full day's work what could be better than chilling with like-minded people over a glass of wine in a cozy environment? The Master's students regularly invite you for exactly that and they call it "Afterwork à la Master". Students of all semesters and study programs as well as externals come together and have a good time. It is an event supposed to be a hybrid between relaxation, socializing, and inspiring discussion.

And for you the perfect opportunity to talk to people who have already taken the step you are about to take, too!

Join the "Afterwork à la Master" events on Facebook or enquire about upcoming dates via e-mail!