Are you open-minded, ethically engaged, and wish to contribute to the transformation of economy and society in a responsible way? Are you curious and eager to learn about yourself, other and ‘the world’ in an intercultural, collaborative community of learners? The Master Programs at Karls will take your interests, experiences and knowledge to the next level, while emphasizing a transformational and sustainability-oriented approach and focusing on what you need as a future leader to make a difference...

The Master programs at Karls

There is a need for responsible and active transformation in a globalized world, in which multiple crises, unethical practices and unsustainable developments frame the current economic social and political systems and lifeworlds.

During the Master’s degree you won’t be taught abstract, isolated knowledge. Rather, after building a rigorous foundation on different fields, theories, and practices, real world challenges and issues will be critically investigated and discussed in a community of enquiry. You will learn to reflect analytically and interconnectedly in order to develop practical-oriented strategies and policies to tackle complex matters.

Focusing on an interactive and inter- and transdisciplinary style of teaching, in our small-size classes, professors, lecturers and fellow students are a team that will inspire and support your personal development related not only to an expertise, but also an integral  responsibility, and sustainability practice..

During the Master programs at Karls you will learn how economic, social, and cultural sciences are connected and how you can transfer ideas from multiple perspectives and disciplines. As a well-rounded leader, you will motivate and engage people in business and civic society organizations.

During your last semester, largely dedicated to research you will have the opportunity to reflect your experiences, insights and knowledge in your Master’s thesis systematically.

All at a glance

Application Deadline

EU: 1. Sept., non-EU: 15. Jul. or later, depending on the visa process of your home country

Study program start


Study Duration

4 semesters

Tuition fee

790 € / month

Total ECTS


Taught in



Thursday evening, Friday to Saturday noon (as well as block seminars)


The modules and specializations of the Master programs

Our modules are strategically designed to help you build the world you want to live in. The main (mandatory) are like a back-bone in your studies. They are supplemented by two of the following five areas of specialization. Here you have the choice to go according to your interests:

> Brands & Stories
> Human Resources & Diversity
> Digital Media
> Sustainability & Urban Development
> Globalization, Governance & Trade

More information about the specific Master programs and moduls on the following links:


PPE – Master in Social TransFormationMaster in Management

The two Master programs - Where do I want to go?

How do you imagine yourself impacting the world? At Karlshochschule, two paths for the Master Program are offered. If you wish to make a difference through companies and corporations, our Master in Management will help you deconstruct, re-think and transform traditional perceptions of business. If you are passionate about society, the Master in Social TransFormation – Politics, Philosophy & Economics will qualify you for e.g. diplomatic, economic, political, and professional roles in local, national, and international as well as postnational organisations, communities or systems.