What is the PreMaster program?

The PreMaster program at the Karls is a full-time, one-semester course in English which is offered every fall semester. It starts in September and ends in February. In this period you will get the relevant knowledge and skills in business management, economics, scientific working and others which prepare and qualify you for a successful start in our "Management" Master's program beginning in March of every year.

The program contains two tracks: One for German students and one for international students. Whilst the basis is the same in both tracks, German students will have an extra insight into the Global Economy in order to train you about international contexts. Students coming from international contexts will instead look into the German Business Culture in order to familiarize yourself with the context of your new home and to open possibilities to find a job in Germany already during your studies.

Once you have successfully completed the PreMaster you will receive an official PreMaster certificate and a corresponding Transcript of Records to show for your achievements.

So, on the one hand, the PreMaster is a means to help you gain and fulfil the possibly necessary formal requirements to enter into the Karls' Master's program. On the other hand, though, it gives you a lot more. 

Who is the PreMaster for?

The program is for people, Germans and Internationals, who wish to study in the "Management" Master's program at the Karls, and who, in fact, have been accepted for the Master's, and

  • have not gained the necessary 30 ECTS (credit points) in Management, Business, or Economics during their Bachelor's studies (in which case the PreMaster is a mandatory requirement), and/or
  • have studied a sufficient amount of relevant Management, Business, or Economics during their Bachelor's studies but would like to refresh their memory before they start into our Master's, and/or
  • have finished their Bachelor's studies in the first half of the year and would like to bridge the time until the beginning of the Master's in March in a sensible way, and/or
  • would like to acquaint themselves with the Karls-style of teaching and learning before the Master's in order to ensure a smooth transitioning into that program, and/or
  • would like to settle in in Karlsruhe, build a social network, possibly find a job to accompany them throughout their graduate studies, and make friends at the Karls early on.

Elena Schmidt, BBA (Germany), voluntary PreMaster

"This program provides a unique opportunity to refresh my knowledge and get familiar with the Karls early on. The positive experiences I've made in the PreMaster confirm my decision to do my Master's here 100%!"

PreMaster Program Structure

Depending on whether you are German or come from abroad you will take the following five modules, altogether giving you 30 ECTS.

PreMaster for Internationals

Compulsory Elective

Compulsory Elective
The compulsory electives in the PreMaster enable our students to get inspired, to focus more on what they are interested in, and to get prepared in their ideal way for the Master's program itself. You can choose from the following list of modules:
  • Area Studies
  • Intercultural Business Communication
  • Events Marketing & (Re-)Positioning
  • Circular Economy & Lifecycle Management
  • Media & Marketing FutureLab
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Change & Innovation
  • Ethics & Globalization/Sustainability/Practice
Type of examination: Variable

Compolsory Elective


German Business Culture


Management in Practice: Emerald Forest


German Language


Get to know us!

PreMaster für deutsche Interessenten

Introduction to Scientific Research Methods

Introduction to Scientific Research Methods
Analytisches Denken und sorgfältige Planung zeichnen gute, wissenschaftliche Arbeit aus und sind nicht nur eine wichtige Grundlage für mein Studium. Auch im späteren Berufsleben können Sie davon nur profitieren. Sie nutzen die unterschiedlichen Modelle wie ein Mikroskop oder ein Fernglas und sehe dadurch einfach mehr als andere und können daraus sehr viel einfacher wichtige Enscheidungen ableiten. In der Einführung in das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten lernen Sie die Spielregeln der Wissenschaft sowie deren Methoden und Techniken kennen. Sie lernen, wie man fundierte Interviews führt, Fokusgruppen sinnvoll einsetzt oder Medien analysiert.
Type of examination: Referat

Introduction to Management and its Quantitative Methods


Global Economy


Management in Practice: Emerald Forest


Foreign Language


Silvia Vásquez, Bachelor in Law (Colombia), PreMaster

"The PreMaster, to me, means the chance to explore a field and a diversity I would otherwise not have been able to explore. It makes me appreciate and enjoy the challenge of studying abroad even more. This has definitely been the right choice for me."

Admission requirements

Admission to the PreMaster is only possible in combination with admission to our "Management" Master's degree program. Please find all relevant information here.

In the online application you will find a tick box to let us know that you are interested in the PreMaster program, too.

If you are not sure whether the PreMaster is a mandatory requirement for your eligibility to the Master's program do not worry. If that is the case we will get in touch with you about it after we have reviewed your application.

PreMaster Application deadline:

Please note that the application deadline for the Master's program is different if you want to do the PreMaster before! For EU students that is August 15, for Non-EU students July 15, of each year. In order to guarantee a smooth and comfortable admission process, however, we recommend applying in good time as the number of available slots is limited.

More information

Program Fees

The fees for the PreMaster program amount to € 690 per month. Additionally, all students currently pay a contribution of € 67.70 per semester to the Student Union Karlsruhe.

For further information about funding and scholarships please visit our Financing page and browse the DAAD website.