Profile of faculty "Business Economics & Management"

How should a contemporary faculty of Business Management look to me? Well, it should naturally take into account the content and methodology of traditional business management, such as the principles of rationality and the formation of market based concepts. However they question those given concepts and are influenced by a cultural and socially theoretical perspective on business and management. I imagine this faculty understands entrepreneurial business differently, embedded in a socio-cultural context, and in ethically sound, discursive thoughts and actions. And this attitude is reflected in the faculty's research projects as well.

Diversity and interculturality

I believe the very diversity of modern society poses a serious challenge for the future. In particular, I concerned with how we handle multiculturalism in a fast changing demographic landscape. For this reason I hope there are more research scientists like the ones at the Karlshochschule, who are exploring this exact area, and examining the process of how diverse social groups are perceived within various organizations, and what forms of communication can be designed and developed between them.

The interests of the scientists that work in this area of diversity/Interculturalism, are particularly concentrated on how traditional approaches to diversity can be overcome, as well as premisses such as the principles of cultural coherence, which have in part, long been superseded.

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Interaction and communication

In my view, business is always a human action, in a social context. So I'm interested in a University that examines how social realities and communications are produced within companies. I imagine that the resulting processes are considered, both in their concrete form as well in their systematic nature.

The most interesting questions for me are how employees behave, what language they use, how they organize their communications activities and which organizational processes and changes are made by those communications.

Sustainability and societal transformation

I am convinced that entrepreneurial action has a great potential to foster sustainable development. Entrepreneurial action is thereby not constrained to business, we can all act in an entrepreneurial spirit.

I envision sustainable entrepreneurship as societal frame for dealing with high-risk situations. And we are living in a society with high-risks: increasing pressures on natural ecosystems and their well-being as well as surging social problems like lack of inclusion and inequality. Questions of a 'great transformation' of society towards sustainability through entrepreneurial action in business, politics and civil society are central in a university like Karlshochschule, where we are determined to re-think the nature of management.