The Karlshochschule International University (or just ‘The Karls’) is pleased to release this inaugural issue of the Karls Magazine. This volume titled “ReThinking Management” is a co-created publication within the wider Karls Community and its students.

For us at The Karls, internationality and multiculturalism mean more than just mobility in the globalized world, they mean understanding different perspectives of management and thus also a critical distance to the practiced (self-)understanding. We know that the question of what and how we teach and learn is closely linked to the question of how we want to live together in companies and organizations, but also in society at large.

In this issue we explore how to ‘ReThink Management’. We show management best practices like the branding strategy of BASF. The teaching case study on Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance showcases the market shaping activities undertaken in the vaccine market to ensure the world most vulnerable and poorest are not deprived of their right to health. Furthermore, we present different viewpoints of managing in the age of artificial intelligence and branding. Most importantly, we have some of the research findings from our graduating class of 2017 highlighted in this magazine.