Symposium at Karlshochschule

The discourse around didactic approaches in intercultural learning has broadened in recent years, taking in many new fields of theory and practice. This diversity has opened up a huge chance for mutual inspiration and integration – and we want to take advantage of this. So our agenda includes questions of didactics, methodology and learning processes, in addition to theoretical concepts and terms.

The symposium will be concerned with three specific issues:

What implications for modern didactics when conveying intercultural contents can be inferred from these discourses? How can modern principles of teaching do justice to the continuing substantial development in this field?

Warning: This symposium is already fully booked. New registrations received will be placed on a waiting list

The aim

Using focussed discussions to open up an interdisciplinary dialogue and enable an exchange at an expert level. 

In order for all participants to be involved in the symposium as interactively as possible, the majority of the event will take place in small-group formats. An expert will host each issue, giving a short introduction and facilitating the discussion afterwards.

The Focus

The focus here will be on finding out what effects each viewpoint has on intercultural learning, or more precisely, the intercultural didactics of the future. The discussion groups in the first round will all be offered twice on each day of the event.    


For Whom?

Experts in intercultural learning from teaching, research or practice are cordially invited to take part in the symposium! The event is designed to offer a forum for exchange and discussion among experts, so there is no fee. Participant numbers are limited to 40.

Registrations will be processed in the order they are received.