As a simple "man-in-the-street" I want a University that takes the responsibility for knowing an fully understanding, that what it has to offer in the way of knowledge and skills, will be a benefit to a great many others. A University that invests it's energy and abilities into helping to change and improve our society. And because it takes this responsibility so seriously, it actively seeks contact with a wide range of social groups and establishes itself as a forum for ideas.

Where intellectuals, entrepreneurs, politicians and others can meet to discuss and exchange what they know. I imagine this commitment of the Karlshochschule, its faculty and student body has now boundaries and has a positive effect on a world way beyond Karlsruhe.

The University I have in mind is one where transformation is more than just a meaningless slogan or catch phrase, but a specific mission. A mission that takes civic issues and assumes the pressing questions about the future are the ones that received little attention in the past. That’s why it focuses on sustainability, ethics, diversity, responsibility, and the critical analysis of the status quo.

My University is a platform for all those issues, groups and societies whose voices are too often unheard. It is a University that wants to produce graduates who will help transform the individual benefit calculus of traditional economic approaches into a welfare oriented philosophy of success for the common good. It wants to produce managers who can convert the problems of today into driving force of the future, for example by using their depth of knowledge to accelerate the change to alternative energies.

The University I have in mind also wants to act within their own immediate environment by strongly supporting and networking with Karlsruhe’s cultural and social infrastructure. In fact I imagine the success of the Karlshochschule mission will already be measured by the commitment of its student and graduate body.