Karls Alumni e.V.

I believe that one of the most important aspects of the university experience is the relationships that are built along the way. At Karls, we want to strengthen and maintain these enriching connections before and after graduation. 

The Alumni of Karlshochschule International University e. V. aims not only to cultivate the exchange between former students, professors, and collaborators, but also to keep graduates integrated within the university and its current students. After all, I will always be a member of the Karls Community. 

Colleagues have put their business ideas into practice, entered management positions, and others are working in politics or for NGOs. All these different paths have one thing in common: the journey which started at Karlshochschule.

Within the association, I will have the opportunity to stay connected, share and discuss ideas, give and receive guidance, and participate in events with the Karls network. Our alumni include Karlshochschule's students and graduates, staff members, guests and business partners from all over the world.

Our Activities

  • Quarterly Newsletter
    I will be informed about Karls updates, receive career development resources, and get invited to participate in the Alumni activities. 
  • Exclusive LinkedIn Group
    I can expand my network by connecting with Alumni members through the social media groups.
  • Networking Events
    During Stammtisch meetups and networking events I will have the opportunity to meet my fellow colleagues again.
  • Mentoring Programs
    Former students are paired with current students to exchange professional and academic advices and insights. By mentoring one of the Karls students, I will not only improve my soft skills but also help students with their struggles based on my personal journey so far.
  • Workshops
    Workshops aim to boost chances of getting my dream job.
  • Job and Volunteering Opportunities
    I will be informed about job openings as well as new volunteering opportunities from the Karls network.
  • Invitation to Karls Events
    Whether it is Graduation, O-Woche, Bridge Week or Summits - I’ll always be welcomed to be part of Karls events.

Have questions?

We’re happy to help you! Just send an email to alumni(at)karlshochschule.de

Alumni of Karlshochschule International University e.V.
Karlstraße 36 - 38
76133 Karlsruhe
Tel: +49 721 48095-0

Membership Alumni Association

In order to keep in touch with my fellow students, I am applying for membership in the alumni association:

Declaration of Membership for the Alumni Association*

*This data will be used exclusively for purposes related to the association, alumni and graduates. The Alumni Association, as dictated by its statutes, works closely with Karlshochschule, which for its part also provides active support to the Alumni Association with regard to the organization and hosting of events and workshops, communication and operative management. The Alumni Association should be contacted directly in the case of further questions or any possible objection. The Association expressly assures that data will not be passed on to third parties for purposes of market research or other opinion polls.   

Where the General Assembly of Members agrees any changes to the Statutes or Conditions of Membership, the Board will inform those affected. Members are themselves responsible for ensuring their contact details and contactability remain up-to-date. Updates or changes can be communicated at any time in writing to the Association address or via the appropriate form on the website. Ensuring membership data is up-to-date helps to inform members in the most targeted way of relevant events, networking opportunities and alumni-related work.