Services at Karlshochschule

The University Services work hand-in-hand with the teaching staff to realize our vision.

We seek solutions in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We engage with and listen to people, respond to the topics they raise, and help to find solutions in a timely manner. We support and guide our students to help them achieve their individual goals. We act not only on behalf of but also with them, thereby encouraging young people to take responsibility and act autonomously. We recognize and understand the significance of our role as an international institution and the consequent intercultural aspects this entails.

While each of us has a clear set of responsibilities we do not hesitate to hide behind them. On the contrary, we feel a shared sense of responsibility for the university as a whole. Our approach is structured, consistent and reliable. Our decisions and solutions are clear, transparent and ethically sound.

We embrace new and unfamiliar situations as an opportunity to grow and develop. Our aim is to think ahead, take the initiative, inspire and motivate.

We constantly and proactively seek to develop our skills. We view the feedback we receive as a chance to improve and welcome challenges as an opportunity to grow.

We are ready for the exceptional.


Academic Affairs

Customer Service


International Office

International Foundation Year IFY / Vietnam

IT & Campus Service

Human Resources & Finances

Assistant of the President


University Communications

Quality Management/Qualitätsbeauftragter

Research Assistants/ FH-Personal

Freiwillige FSJ Kultur / AFS